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Four Fire Towers

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  • Four Fire Towers

    Only, one Tower was not in the Adirondacks.

    No High Peaks, this year, but not bad on the Fire Tower Challenge. Bald, Black,Goodnow, and Balsam Lake Mountains, out of the way for a total of 18. I lost enough weight and got in shape to take them all, but not enough for a High Peak. I feel my breathing getting a little worse, each year and I'm slowing down. My daily hiking reports had me 0.5MPH slower each time I walked. even when I sped up, I was still hanging around 2.3-2.5 mph. Still, Its been a good year. I feel confident that I will finish the challenge next year and, Perhaps, grab a High Peak or two. This year seemed like a sure loss, when the Fire Tower Challenge was cancelled early in the year, because of the virus. I didn't stop walking to get in shape. I had hoped, I could still get upstate one day. That day came when they reinstated the challenge.

    I did not write any trip reports, because they seemed trivial compared to the trip reports being written about the High Peaks. They will always dominate the forums. I figured, I'd wait until I lumped a few together, before writing something. Bald Mountain was the easiest of the four. Black and Balsam Lake, and Goodnow Mountains, entailed some work. My pace did not matter to me on any if these hikes, but I reached the summits of the last three in pretty decent times of 1.5-2.5 hours. My start times were around 8am each time. I wasn't in any hurry. I enjoyed my time in the woods and when I reached the summits, I stayed for over an hour. I still can never understand folks, who hike all that way, only to leave the summits a few minutes after they arrive. I worked hard to get there. I'm going to enjoy my victory.

    To this day, its still hard to share those victories with some family and friends. They don't see hiking the way I do, nor do they care mush for the pictures. You've seen one summit, you've seen them all. Same goes for the fire towers. I still pretty much hike alone, but I don't mind as much. I'm not holding anyone up and should I turn back, I'm only disappointing myself.

    I had planned on hiking Stillwater before Bald. Would have made sense, after the big drive from the Pines Inn at Northville, all the way to Old Forge. I had just put new tires and front and back end shocks on the car. As i hit the dirt road, it was choppy and bumpy looking. I decided not to take a chance on it. My Honda rides low. a couple of years earlier, I had hit a rock on a similar road. It may have caused damage to my axle boot a few months later, when I returned to GreatSacandaga Lake. I was not looking for another repeat. Another time, if I can hook up with someone with a higher riding car.

    There are still a few more hikes remaining, but no mountains with towers or High Peaks. If I can keep the weight off, through the Winter and get into better shape, next year could be a real good one.
    Nothing like being in the woods.

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    In these days with the High Peaks overwhelmed with people, a trip report about non-High Peak is a wonderful thing.

    In the future if time and circumstance allow, please write individual trip reports. They are always appreciated.

    I am so glad you got out and got some peaks.
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      If you ever want to, hit me up to see if I’m available to join you. Also, my vehicle rides high enough.


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        Hey Gerard... write 'em up. A good trip report is about the journey not the destination. There's always a story to be told or a unique angle on your hike that makes the trip report worth writing and posting no matter where you were. Even if you don't think anybody will like it just the act of writing it cements memories. Plus they're fun to read years later to relive a great day out or to see how your perspective may have changed.


        • Gerard01
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          I did not realize my trip reports were so popular. I figured the abridged version would do. However, I can still write up reports for each of these hikes. My apologies.

        • Makwa
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          Not trying to pile extra work on you here G-Man. Write up your next hike. Was just trying to encourage you to share no matter where you were.

        • Gerard01
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          No insult taken.

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        I enjoyed my time in the woods and when I reached the summits,

        Your words, but I completely agree. Enjoy your time out there. In the end, that's what really matters!!! What you are accomplishing is more than many other people ever try!