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  • Working on the ADK 6 pack challenge

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ID:	508576 Took a break from the 46 to hike with wife and stepsister. Stepsis is going through a difficult time and we figured she could use some family around. I invited her to hike Cat Mountain with us. I know someone is going to ask; we didn’t do Thomas paired with Cat because both women are non hikers and didn’t want to commit to the mileage. So we took the RED trail and we took our time. To be honest, we moved so slow that I didn’t feel like I hiked a mountain. But it was fine, it was all about the quality time. I took a couple pics of two different salamanders, because I know how much some of you love them.
    About 7/8ths of the way up we encountered a nest of ground bees. Some other hikers had warned us when they were descending, they were stung multiple times. I got past it ok, but warned the women and sent them wide to their right, giving the bees a wide berth.
    Hung out at the summit for about a half hour, took a bunch more pictures. Can anyone tell me if the fire tower on Black is visible from here? It looked like it to me.
    We descended via the blue trail to skip the bees, and this trail is very easy. Edgecomb pond is pretty.

    I’ve never been to the little village of Bolton Landing before, very nice. There was a line to be seated at the Brewery but it wasn’t too long. We were fortunate enough to get an outside table, it was a gorgeous day today. Limited menu but everything was very good. Anyway, that makes 4/6 for the Adk 6pack challenge. I still have to hike Poke-O-Moonshine and Pharaoh Mountain. Next year.

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    Yes... fire tower on Black visible from Cat.

    Red trail, huh? So you took the first left at Edgecomb Pond? Interestingly, that trail is no longer shown on the Lake George Land Conservancy map of the Cat & Thomas Preserve. Did it look as though the trail was closed or brushed off? Still trail markers through there? Any signage at the trailhead or at that junction indicating the trail should not be used? The red trail is more difficult than the blue in my estimation and the last time I was on it I noticed it had been rerouted in a few places. I wonder what the status of all that is. And there were some ground bees on the red trail a few years back... maybe halfway up.

    Sounds like you had a nice day. Cat's view is always worth the trip.


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      There was no evidence that the trail was closed or brushed in. There were no DEC trail marker discs, but there were a lot of red rectangles (a little larger than playing cards) painted on trees marking the way. And the trail was well worn and obvious to follow.


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        The only reason I asked is that there used to be another way to get up to Thomas' summit that was a marked trail that all of a sudden just disappeared from the LG Land Conservancy's map as well. I had hiked Thomas on that trail, posted a short trip report about it on the forum, and then when referring to the LGLC web site to look up the answer to a question posed about that trip report I found a notice that the trail had been closed. I was shocked. No signs were evident at the trailhead or at the trail junction, and the trail appeared open for business.

        Now there seems to be confusion over the red trail to Cat. I believe you 100% that the trail appeared open and that hiking was presumably allowed but the the LGLC web site presents conflicting information. The first picture below is the trail guide/ map (updated March 2020) on the LGLC web site for the Cat & Thomas Preserve. It shows just one trail to Cat's summit.... the blue trail. The red trail is only shown running from the parking area next to Edgecomb Pond to the blue trail. However, the main page for the Preserve shows an Adirondack Atlas interactive map that still shows the red trail (see bottom two pictures). Notice that what is now labeled the red trail on the LGLC map is shown in white and presumed to be a road on the ADK Atlas map. A road that the public cannot access and that has basically only been used for hiking and skiing for years now.

        This property has always been confusing. Access to Thomas was closed for years and years then it was open for a while, then it closed again. The cabin on Thomas that was once available for campers has been removed, and now it seems that the "old" red trail to Cat has been removed from the LGLC's trail guide without explanation. And the trail system has been relabeled at least twice. There used to be an orange trail as well and some of the segments of trail that were once one color are now another. I've had to mark up maps of the preserve or print new ones a bunch of times just to make sure I had the most current version on me when I hiked there.

        Note the orientation of the first pic is north to the right instead of toward the top of the page...

        link to album in case you can't see the pictures...


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          I was interested in that red trail too....
          Leave No Trace!


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            Red trail supposed closed for good when we did Cat in April Many people were doing Red instead of Blue to Cat. Agree it’s all confusing and missed a turn on the blue on the way up. Used compass but shouldn’t have to there. Also some rerouted area on the blue. Kinda marked ok kinda not. Needs a new map. Somewhere. Many other folks confused including those looking for Cat from Thomas.