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  • Local intel on KV lots

    Hoping to climb from AMR or Roaring Brook lot next Wed or Thurs (7/8 or 9). What is a guess on fill-up time at either? 6 am? When I drove by last Wed on the way to my paddling adventure in Avalanche Pass it looked like many spots open at 6:30, but that was not July and could have been an illusion due to slashed capacity. Just hoping for some local intel. I know it's best to avoid these places when busy; that's why I am going mid-week, but helping people with their list kind of requires this scenario...sorry. I will happily return to more obscure adventures.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hard to predict day-to-day. I would have back up plans.

    Depends on the peaks you are aiming for. For Colvin, Blake, Gothics, Sawteeth, you kind of need the AMR. But for Giant, remember the north trail; For Dial / Nip Gravestone Brook; For the Lower Range Deer Brook, or via RoosterComb. Longer ways for sure, but you have a better chance of no problem parking. AMR seems to be the epicenter of the parking problem.


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      Would be the ones you list first, and Roaring Brook lot basically across the street. Just curious what people are seeing midweek; I know it is impossible to predict. Thanks

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    If you had a car, you could make some cash parking there on the weekends at 5 am and then selling you spot for 50 bucks.
    Leave No Trace!


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      I plan on Doing Dial and Nippletop later this summer I am planning on getting there by 5:30 to be safe but that might be too late with reduced spaces


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        Got there at 6:20 today. Last car parking and only because people in front of me turned around thinking it was filled because bug truck blocked a space back by bathroom


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          The blue truck was me, sorry if it was tough to park. I was trying to leave enough room for one more bathroom side (you in the small red car?), thinking that when the gray truck left there would be enough room for 2 spaces afterwards. I didn’t think 2 would fit on the end if I went right to the gray truck. I apologize if that didnt end up working out or was a bad idea, the gray truck was still there when I left.

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        Legal pull-off parking at Hopkins Mossy Cascade and Deer Brook are now being used for overflow parking for AMR on Rt 73. Then walk up the north end of Ausable road (a town road) to the trailhead. A good example of unintended consequences of the assumption that hikers are dumb and would just drive away to a “trail less traveled” — which doesn’t exist.


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          I hope that small pull-off doesn't get posted as a consequence. I hiked the Mossy Cascade trail to Hopkins last year and it was a delightful hike to a beautiful summit.

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          Groundpounder It's a wonderful little hike and it's a shame that it's going to be missed because people are using that parking area for the nearby High Peaks. COVID won't be here forever though! :(

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        AMR lot at St. Hubert's was full at 730am on Monday 8/3, I got the last spot across the road at Roaring Brook. A monday!