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Street and Nye 6/20/20

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  • Street and Nye 6/20/20

    Hello forum members, took a pea bagging hiatus for a year. New relationship and new responsibilities aside, I've very much missed working on my list. I seem to have left some mountains by themselves over the years, so I climbed Lower Wolfjaw June 11th. I did the loop starting on Ward Brook and back on the E.A. White Trail. It was a very nice loop and I truly enjoyed the hike. I originally wanted to summit LWJ via Bennies Brook Slide but I will save that for another time.

    On Sat June 20th I decided on Street and Nye since we've had some dry weather and temps were going to be very warm. I'm not much of a warm weather hiker, so I picked Street and Nye due to it not being too hard of a hike. I've always heard it can get pretty muddy in there, so the dry weather was a factor as well.

    I am a quasi-local since I live in St. Lawrence County, and my drive is about 1.5 hours to the ADK Loj. I arrived at 930 am and parked on the road just outside the South Meadows lot. The attendant said the main AMC lot was full by 7am. I didn't mind the extra two miles round-trip, it's a pre-hike leg warm-up and then a post-hike leg stretch I suppose. I normally don't hike on weekends, but sometimes you just have to take advantage of weather and available opportunities

    The rock garden trail out of AMC is dry and decent, although the bugs were pretty thick at times. I found the decline as a nice way to start. Once I started the incline after the brook crossing, the bugs got thicker. I just tried to maintain a decent pace and not inhale too many. There were at least 14 people, several in groups of 3 or less that I encountered on the trail.

    All in all, it was a great hike. Not too much mud, just in the usual spots near the brook. Street was #25 and Nye #26 for me. I am slowly making my way to becoming a 46er.

    Most of the hikers I encountered kept their distance, but a couple got too close while passing me on their way down. I got as far as I could off trail but they didn't seem to mind. It felt slightly weird being close to strangers on trail, even though I am used to it working in healthcare.

    I have some great pics but having trouble uploading them due to file size, trying to figure out how to resize them. I will post to Facebook if anyone is interested.
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    Street and Nye was a good climb for me, except all that nasty blowdown going over to Street.
    Nothing like being in the woods.


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      Yes, definitely some ducking and weaving around the blowdown. One thing I forgot to mention about the hike is that on my descent, I swear I got off the herd path that I used for the ascent, but still wound up back on the main herd path. I know it has been mentioned on this forum that the herd paths criss cross at points or become multiple paths due to erosion from people skirting the mud holes, the brook, etc....I think they all eventually wind up on the main herd path at some point. I did not encounter any dead ends. All in all, a cool hike with some surprisingly great views.