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Sawtooth #1 6-20-2020

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  • Sawtooth #1 6-20-2020

    The parking at the Ausable Club / Roaring Brook trailhead appeared to be full when I drove by at 6:02AM, judging by the scores of hikers walking down the steep stretch of Route 73 from the pull-off areas located up the hill. Surely it’s safer for pedestrians to walk a quarter mile on the side of a state highway where cars zoom by at 60+ mph, rather than park along the shoulder near the Roaring Brook Trailhead as they have safely done for decades. Nice job, public officials!

    Plenty of parking at the Pine Pond Trailhead at the end of Averyville Road. At 6:45AM, TBPDPTI and I left our cars and started our trek to the summit of Sawtooth #1 with temps at 59F. A little over a mile down the old road, we picked up the path heading toward the large beaver swamp. Ten minutes later we crossed the outlet of the swamp on a well-placed wooden board.

    We angled our way up to the east of the nearby 772m peak and continued to the east of the 812m peak a bit farther along. After contouring for a brief bit, we began the direct ascent toward the the summit ridge of ST#1. The woods up to this point had been very pleasant with just a few pockets of scratchy (not really thick) trees.

    The ascent from the north is most definitely an incredibly steep one, but the woods were generally pretty open. Things thickened up as we approached the summit ridge, so we sniffed out the open channels which pushed us toward the eastern sub-summit of ST#1. We decided to hit this first. Only two brief pockets of thick nastiness which generally coincided with cliff bands. We stood atop the eastern peak at 10:20AM, roughly 3.5 hours after the start of our hike. I thought I remembered there being a wooden sign atop this sub-summit, but perhaps the purity police took it down. Maybe they should be defu…never mind.

    The trek from ST#1E to the main summit was about a third of a mile and not all that bad. Two thick pockets while descending ST#1E, a generally open col (with a few false cols along the way), and an incredibly steep ascent up ST#1 proper. The top of the summit ridge of ST#1 was suspiciously open. Very near the summit (pushing west) we enjoyed the absolutely stellar view that awaits up there. Sawtooth #5 was right in front us, along with the wilds of the Seward, Sawtooth and Santanoni Ranges. We even ID’d the North River Range in the distance. Great place for a beer. Bad place to avoid bugs.

    For our descent we plunged directly off the summit heading north and found very open - albeit very steep - woods with a nice moss-covered carpet. We lost hundreds of feet of elevation in what felt like minutes. We generally paralleled our inbound route, somehow managing to find all the pockets of thick woods that we avoided on the way in. It was very taxing both mentally and physically making the 4 mile return bushwhack on a brutally hot day with savage flying insects and miles of nondescript, featureless terrain.

    Back to the swamp at 2:20PM and back to the cars by 3PM. It rained lightly for our walk out along the Pine Pond Trail, but not enough to cool things down at all. Just enough to keep the bugs away. Great day in the Adirondacks on the weekend of summer solstice!
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    Nick - very proud to have hiked alongside you today. Congrats on your continued ADK journies, and on knocking out ST #1. Big accomplishment.

    Also, thank to all of those who post their TRs up peaks like this. Reading really helps those of us who "are late to the game" plan out!

    Here's the view to Seward Range, with ST #5 in the foreground.
    Click image for larger version

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    High peaks: Summer: 46/46 (1st iteration); 29/46 (2nd); 11/46 (3rd); 7/46 (4th) Winter: 7/46 (1st); 1/46 (2nd)

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      Nice hike guys! Had to be a very warm day for bushwhacking.


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        Originally posted by BillB View Post
        Nice hike guys! Had to be a very warm day for bushwhacking.
        Yes it was a hot one, but the heat was tolerable. It was the buzzing of deer flies for 5 straight miles that wasn't....
        High peaks: Summer: 46/46 (1st iteration); 29/46 (2nd); 11/46 (3rd); 7/46 (4th) Winter: 7/46 (1st); 1/46 (2nd)

        The other 56: Summer: 55/56 (1st); 12/56 (2nd); 4/56 (3rd); 3/56 (4th) Winter: 13/56 (1st); 3/56 (2nd); 1/56 (3rd); 4th (0/56)


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          I was out Sunday too. Heat was real. Bugs were unreal. I doused myself heavily with bug dope and doused them heavily with colorful language. Got better later in the evening. Not sure who got more blood out of me, the scrub or the flies.