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Shelving Rock - Erebus Loop

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  • Shelving Rock - Erebus Loop

    The trail names used in this report come from this map:,-73.582647,14z

    Started at Shelving Rock #3 parking lot. Head up Erebus South Slope trail. This is a nice trail. Its actually a woods road. There are nice little water falls here and there all the way up. When you connect with the Erebus North Slope trail make a left. You will run into the Fishbrook Pond-Lake George trail. Make a left and head down to the Lake.

    This trail had two really large Maples and an Ash that were worth the walk to see. (I like trees!)

    This trail was really nice in this direction. You go from elevation 2,200 to 330. There was something odd about this trail. There were very few rocks so after a while our feet and ankles got tired! Normally you hike from rock to rock and your feet are level like on steps. Not on this trail. It was like 1,900 foot ramp. Nothing we could not handle. It was just an odd sensation.

    We made the left turn at the lake and enjoyed the lake front. We stopped and had lunch. For the second time this spring we saw either the largest hawk in the world or a golden eagle in this area. Cool bird!

    The hike along the lake is easy and we stopped again and had a second snack on a picnic table enjoying the view of the lake. Some of the oaks on the lake shore are incredibly tall! A good amount of boats are out using the docs and picnic areas. Not a wilderness adventure but it is nice to see people out enjoying themselves. I love how Lake George is so loved and used by so many people in so many different ways.

    We made the left turn on the trail that takes you up toward Shelving Rock Ridge. From on top of the ridge you have to take the trail with the people heading to the Shelving Rock Summit. We spent 20 socially awkward minutes with this traffic.

    Alltrails said it was 10 miles with 2,600 feet gained.

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    You are presented with an interesting choice when you get to the Fishbrook Pond Trail junction. Left down the ramp or right to the swamp. Either direction has its own character.

    Check out the trail above Red Rock Bay sometime. Some great views from the ledges and an opportunity to loop back towards Bumps Pond and yet another 150 year old chimney in the woods.

    Don't forget to stop and take in the views at Commission Point either.
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      I wanted to return by Red Rock Bay trail but my son did not. It was raining off and on and his allergies have been bad lately so we took the easy way home. I am working on red lining the whole place. We did do the ridge trail once and loved it!

      We have been very happy in the Lake George Forest in the winter and spring. I read the High Peaks trip reports and I feel even happier. Lots of rotten snow, mud and snow squalls. I prefer a zero degree winter day or a drier day in summer and the early fall for my high peaks adventures.

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