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  • Hikes not counting

    I read somewhere today that any hikes done during the pause don't count. Anyone know if it's true.

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    Whether a hike "counts" depends on what list you are working on, and who the administrator is for that list.

    For example, last I heard: ADK is not "counting" firetower hikes; 46ers ARE counting 46 hikes; New England 4K committee is not counting 4K hikes, but that may have changed as of just today. Contact your list administrator directly.


    • Makwa
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      Others not counting right now:
      * Northville-Placid Trail
      * Fulton Chain Trifecta

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    Thanks I'll do that. Anyone been on any of the trails? How's the snow. And mud situation?


    • nicoofthewoods
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      I haven't been on any of the trails in the ADK's (I've been in the Whites), but I can guarantee you, that the snow is rotten, the monorails are dicey, and everywhere in between is mud. Those conditions usually persist until at least the end of May.

    • Ziplock
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      As of Thur 5/14/2020 I have found the trails unseasonably dry, but with the snow pack starting at 3000 ft. (recent rain and warmer weather certainly pushing the snow line higher) The monorails seemed less problematic than last year, possibly because of lower snowfall. Even Tango is staying clean, quite surprising since he adheres strictly to the policy of charging directly down the center of the trail, mud be damned. Rain on Fri raised the stream levels, so mud and bugs are sure to follow.