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    After the storm, where to go to play in the powder? RPR from New Russia is likely to be lightly used. -7F when I pulled up on Sunday morning and the parking area was not plowed. Perfect plan. Pulled far enough off the road to be beyond the white line (thank you 4WD) and geared up. No one signed in since late January. Perfect powder conditions.Trail can be little tricky to follow in spots, but some prior knowledge, a faint depression at times from the January hikers and just a few minor back tracks all made for an intellectually and physically stimulating day. Temps warmed up nicely. Only made it to the bump between Blueberry Cobble and Bald Peak. Would have liked to continue but solo with a late start made that idea unfeasible. Wish there was another 3-4 feet of snow underneath. Not our best winter. Maybe a light snow pack will mean less cold springtime running water and less black flies? Always looking for the silver lining.

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    Perhaps this winter's light snow pack will yield a longer Secret Season (post mud, pre-black flies). Looking forward to our inaugural St. Patrick's Day trek up Catamount Mt. to pay tribute to our fallen fellow hiker...On-The-Trail. Tres hombres.