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  • Big Slide Clockwise

    Started at the Garden, we took the Phelps trail to the Big Slide trail then down the Brothers trail.

    It was the coldest hike I have ever done. I have hiked in 2 degrees and this was colder. My feet were cool in my Obozs winter boots as I climbed up the mountain and that really surprised me! Feet finally warmed up on the way down the mountain. I guess the friction got things going.

    We both liked the clockwise direction.

    Going up the Big Slide trail was as easy as climbing 2000 feet can be. We used our snow shoes which gave a piece of mind when going over the snow bridges at every stream crossing. This was a good karma idea too because it made for a better trail. We flipped up the elevators to make climbing easier. That really helps.

    Climbing up the brothers in that cold would have been tough. We tackled them later in the day and were able to use the ice to slide down some of the scrambly sections.

    My brand new hillsound trail crampon pro's worked great for me. I loved them. I like them so much better than micro-spikes.

    A note for this weekend. The trees have a lot of snow in them still. If the wind blows or rain falls that could also come down on you. It will be yucky!

    Leave No Trace!

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    Its nice to hear you got it done and got some experience in your Hillsounds and you like them. Might be something about the Brothers and getting cold, only place I ever almost turned back because of one cold foot but it was well below zero. I recall 'a tunnel' of snow laden trees in the upper reaches. Sounds like you may have seen same.


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      The “cold feet uphill” happens to me too. Big Slide is great, thanks for sharing.
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