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Seymour, Seward, Donaldson, Emmons 9/4/19

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  • Seymour, Seward, Donaldson, Emmons 9/4/19

    Date: 9/4/19

    Peaks: Seymour, Seward, Donaldson, Emmons

    Trails: Blueberry trail, ward brook trail, seymour herd path, ward brook trail, seward range herd path, calkins brook trail, calkins brook truck trail, blueberry trail

    Surface Conditions: mud, rock slab, mud, running water on trail

    Recommended Equipment: good spirits

    Water crossings: only calkins brook did we ford and it was about below my knee ( i am 5’10”) but not strong current

    Trail Maintenance Notes: well most were not really “trails” so...

    Parking: Plenty of parking at the trailhead

    Dog Related: A very very strong dog would be able to but I would keep close with all the ledges.

    Bugs: None

    Lost and Found: Lost nothing, found a pair of running shoes at the blueberry/calkin brook truck trail intersection. We left them there.

    Trip report: Wow is a good word for this trip. Myself and the other two NH ladies went out to tackle the ADK again. Well we knew it was going to be a rough day and knew it was going to rain but the multiple thunderstorms and continued rain was a lot. Thankfully it is still summerish out. We slept up the night before in an airbnb for a few hours and made it to the trailhead all ready to go for 6:30 start time.
    We made good time and only got a little rain while the thunder was sounding in the background before we got to Blueberry shelter at 8:12. We thought great timing for second breakfast and staying in til 8:53 while a down pour and thunderstorm came through. I didn't even realize there was another shelter at Ward brook so we made it there for me to put my umbrella away since we would be heading up to Seymour first.
    At 9:20 is when we hit the Seymour junction and we headed up the mud pits, and the rain that continued. We walked up some water drainage but not terrible. We made it to the slabs and it stopped raining but water was still on everything. We got to the false summit and dumped our poles thinking they were in the way. Then we saw our first and only set of other hikers. We reaches the summit at 10:57.
    Well making sure going down in another rain storm that no one fell we took our time and made it back to the junction by 12:30 and filtered a liter to bring with us.
    We headed up Seward at 1:00 and we thought we hit mud... well we got more and more. We found out it is free to walk up a waterfall/drainage here in the adk hahaha. Rain mostly stopped hut the rain coming off the mountain did not. We got to eat lunch by water, I know shocking. Then we made it to the peak for 3:30.
    The next was to all of us shocking, 1 mile pff we got it in a half hour max 45 minutes... oh wait more slab? More rain? In a cloud Haha. We made it to Donaldson by 4:30 for a photo and said no way are we leaving Emmons.... we got that 1 mile done the same way, made it there at 5:30. Took another food break and made it back in 45 minutes with some shoes in mud to our ankles.
    We hit the junction to head out and had headlamps ready for later. This trail was definitely less slabby but still fair share in the beginning. We were moving decent but wow the water flooding over and out of everywhere was still nuts. Don’t worry, started to rain again on us haha.
    I read something about a bridge being out on calkins brook and fording up thru waist deep in the log in book which made me not feel so great for us doing it in the dark but we were getting there one way or another. So we made it to the crossing and just below knee deep and it rained all day, so not sure where those people crossed or where a bridge would have been (maybe at the truck road?).
    We made it to the road for 8:34 and were cruising to get back to the car. We just stayed straight til we hit blueberry trail again and hung a left and made it back just shy of 10pm.
    21.8 miles - 5620’ elevation gain - 15:27 hours
    Longest time wise even including winter treks! We were zonked and what a hell of a range (never going back ). To the next adventure!



    (Using the format from netc)
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    Fun TR. It seems a lot of members of this board have done the Sewards this year.

    I can certainly see where rain would make this range miserable.
    My daughter and I did them on two separate trips (Seymour then DES via CBHP out and back) with great weather last month and we really liked it. The Seward North trail is hated by a lot of people. So, I'm glad that we didn't incorporate it into our itinerary.


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      Wow - that's a hike to remember. You must've been pretty soggy by the last parts of it. You've earned at least a couple of hikes on perfect days.


      • Danielle
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        Well can say our feet were never dry til we got in the car with nice dry socks, but hey still a good day out on any mountain!

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      Congratulations on pulling off such an adventure! Wow there are three of you!

      Leave No Trace!


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        Great TR! Sounds like a hike that some would consider miserable and moan and groan about. You made it sound like a blast! You were obviously totally prepared and knew your stuff!
        Had the brook been un-crossable you could have followed it downstream a ways to a bridge. Or until you found a handy tree.