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Loch Bonnie, NE Moose and Alton without paddling

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  • Loch Bonnie, NE Moose and Alton without paddling

    That would probably be the best way do to them in a day:

    Start on the SOA Lake trail at the end of Blodget Way (parked before, on Whiteface Inn Lane) and carefully follow the trail until the first intersection with the Two Brooks trail that goes up to McKenzie. After the trail is easier to follow. After the Minnow brook, take the trail going up to Loch Bonnie and note that the Lake trail continues all the way around the lake towards Whiteface landing. 0.2 miles before Loch Bonnie, do a short out and back to Loch Bonnie pk, it's more open there than following the "ridge" from the pond itself. The lean-to at the pond is decrepit and the area around it is pretty wet, not inviting at all. From the pond, head toward the col between Moose and the unnamed bump. Then continue to NE Moose and follow the ridge to the col with Alton. There is some cliffs to avoid to reach Alton summit from there. When you come back down, take the same path as the ascent to avoid those cliffs again. From the col, head towards Echo Bay and before reaching the lake, you'll find back the Lake trail.
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