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Whiteface attempt, washing packs on Esther - September 2, 2019

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  • Whiteface attempt, washing packs on Esther - September 2, 2019

    (With apologies to Bunchberry):

    It rained most of the night, though it stopped in the morning so we decided that Whiteface would be a good hike to finish the weekend off. We drove to the ASRC and was the only car there. It started drizzling lightly as we prepared for the hike. Head down the trail and came to a junction. Not seeing any markers and assuming it was time to go up we took a right (wrong) turn and ended up exploring the weather equipment. Neat stuff, though not where we were intending to hike. We returned to the road, back to the car, and then started the hike again.

    Round 2, back at the junction, we studied the trail a little more... ah ha! An arrow nailed in a tree hidden behind a bunch of branches pointed the way. Some impromptu trail maintenance had the arrow a little more visible from the junction, and we descended a little ways further, finding the snow mobile trail, and then finally the trail up Marble mountain.

    The steep ascent was great training of the leg muscles and Marble Mountain had the only view for the day. The rain was now becoming significantly more than a drizzle, and seeing that Whiteface was completely encased in a dark cloud we adjusted the objective to Esther.

    Onwards and upwards, the rain got heavier as we went. The trail began to turn into a river. The showers turned into a down pour. My dirty and stinky pack was getting a long awaited cleaning, though thankfully we were spared the lightning dry cycle. As a consolation prize at least was warm, though this caused me to delay putting on my rain gear until I was fairly wet already. The Esther herd path was a muddy quagmiure, and a little ways up this, while balancing on floating sticks in knee deep puddles, Kat declared she was done with this silliness and was turning around. Since we were so close, Deb and I scampered up to the summit, took a quick photo and turned back.

    We met one other couple coming up who inquired about conditions on Esther... which we answered lovely, sun out, and a light tropical breeze! A short way later we caught up to Kat and hiked the rest of the way down together. Arrived back at the car after five and a half hours, sopping wet, but happy to get one more hike in before the long drive home.


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    Apology accepted! Glad your pack is clean!
    Leave No Trace!


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      Sounds like a fun hike. I hate it when the views distract me from my goal and slow me down.