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Social Day on Emmons -or- Hats Off to Friends

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  • Social Day on Emmons -or- Hats Off to Friends

    I have the luxury of having met that special woman who said “I want to be a 46er”. What better reason could there be to hike. I already knew she was a strong biker and, as expected, she is a great hiker. Her first peaks were the 3 Macs in July and she hasn’t looked back since. We did a number of the really pretty ones so it was time for the initiation to some real mud. The Seward’s were put on the “to do” list. It had been fairly dry so on Saturday 9/24 we headed in via Caulkins Brook. The climb is sustained and long but she crushed it. Only a little mud so far. Donaldson has the couple of small pitches to get up, and then the mud. The boots did get mucked up a bit. Lots of people have been making side trails and eroding the path pretty badly. One quick P.S.A. - Please deal with the mud and stay on the trail. We arrived on Emmons and met a family of four. After they left a solo hiker arrived. From conversation it was obviously someone with a lot of experience. The thing that caught my eye was a white/beige hat with lots of writing. We inquired and were regaled with the story of how it all started and found out this was hat number three. As we were leaving I mentioned the ADK forum and found out we were with none other than Summit Hat. We spent a lot of time talking on the way out about so many other forum members we have met over the years. It was a delight and partway out he found his sharpie pen. I was able to join the elite company of those that have signed the hat(s). Then he turned to my partner and asked her to sign. We had been discussing trail names for her earlier and had one idea that seemed to stick, but now the pressure was on. She agreed it was appropriate and she signed as Princess Pine (soon to be a forum member). It was a great chance meeting. So much fun when that happens. Thank You Summit Hat!!! But wait, there’s more. 10 minutes later someone calls out our names and runs over. Another friend who just happened to choose the Seward’s too. We have recognized some of the same hikers on trails this summer but this was Princess Pine’s first trail meeting from social friends. Really makes the ADK’s feel like home. Emmons just moved a place or two higher in the list of favorites. We then took on Seward. 2:45 p.m. at the summit, so we decided to leave Seymour for another day and get out with time to enjoy the night in Lake Placid. Seward is #18 for the Princess. Great day out. Love the chance meetings. It’s easy to just get churning and go from peak to peak, but remember, everybody has a story, you just need to ask and listen. It’s about the journey, not the summit. Cheers to everyone, especially Summit Hat.

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    Summit Hat is a great guy to hike with and the man knows everybody... glad you got the chance to meet him!