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  • Recent trips to the Sawtooths

    We did Sawtooth #4 2 years ago with "Oliver", so we still had to do 10 of them.

    2 weeks ago we slept on Coreys and got the last spot in the summer TH parking at 5h30 (it was a Sunday and we heard only 4 cars while we were packing out the tent, so most slept in).

    We already went past #4 lean-tos once, again with "Oliver" for Seymour East, but this time we went a bit further, trying to get a direct route towards #11 but avoiding the wet area marked on the map. Reaching #11 took more time than expected, mostly because of navigation errors that forced us to do some side hilling. Our plan to do 4 of them was in danger. Hopefully, getting down to the col and up #3 was straightforward and pretty quick. We had a quick lunch break (we were soaked, the spruces were still wet from previous day rain) then we headed north to #9 which doesn't feel much like a peak from the col. Leaving the summit, we stumbled upon a big boulder where one would get a nice view of the area, but getting on top of it requires a "technical" move, with our shoes and the rock wet, we decided not to push our luck. We then got down to the col north of #11, we looked at the time and we decided that we could make it to #5. Getting up there was easy, but going back down to the ward brook trail was the worst part of the day. Trying to minimize the distance, we ended up doing a lot of side hilling along the way. We were back at the TH around 6 pm and a few other cars were still there, the rain started a few minutes later.

    The plan was now to do the remaining ones (10, 2, 6, 1, 7 and 8) over a weekend.

    Last Saturday, we started at dawn on the Pine pond rd. with backpacks on. We followed what Neil calls the "old woods rd" for a bit (but since then I learned that we could have followed it further), then we made our way towards the base of #10 where you can see two brooks merging into one on the map. That's where we left the backpacks and got the very lightweight daypacks out. Going up #10 then following the ridge toward #2 was far more easier than expected, things were looking good at this point. There was a nice viewpoint on #2, but it was a cloudy day. We were expecting the plateau between #2 and #6 to be pretty bad, but it was not, however, descending from #6 to the #1 col wasn't that easy. Then getting through that col was the worst part of the trip. #1 looks impossible to reach from there (cliffs), but going a bit on the the left side we found our way. Of course, getting down from #1 back to the "camp" was what felt the longest part of day, we were back at the brook at 6 pm. The next morning, me "moved" the backpacks at the base of #8. Going up to #8 was easy, but the last part to the summit was a lot more thick. We got another surprise going towards #7, the second bump along the way offered us a nice view of the whole area, but we had to find our way down around some nasty cliffs below, that was pretty slow. The rest of the ridge was a lot nicer. After #1 descent, we expected #7 to be similar, but it was less harsh. We got to the packs, then found our way back to the "old woods rd." that lead us back to the Pine Pond rd.

    It was a good gear test for 3-4 other similar trips to come to finish the ADK 3K.
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    Bushwhacking machines! Nice hiking!
    They say that wilderness offers opportunities for solitude and unconstrained recreation. It's always good to see someone availing themselves to those opportunities.


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      It seems the beavers seized the opportunity first, "unconstrained recreation" really captures what they're up to there.