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8/26 and 8/28 Lake George East

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  • 8/26 and 8/28 Lake George East

    Took a little break from the high peaks these past 2 outings to visit a couple spots I missed on previous trips to the east side of Lake George. Monday morning I parked at the Shelving Rock trailhead and walked up Shelving Rock Mt. Really easy hike with a decent view of the lake just past the summit.
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    After coming down, the decision was made to walk the trail out to Black Mt Point. This trail, an 8 mile out and back, hugs the lake the entire way. I've never been on this trail before, so didn't know what to expect. Looking around, I saw camping opportunities every where. Just as I was thinking that, I started coming up on a whole bunch of camping sites, most of them with their own dock on the lake.
    There were also a few day use areas along the way with open space and shelters.
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    Way too much civilization for me. But a great view of the Tongue Range from many spots.
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    Reaching Black Mt Point, there were a few boats docked there, with people picnicking around. I walked out to the actual point, and luckily had it to myself. I think that's where the above picture was taken from. Right at the point, there is a sign that I'm sure once said, "Black Mt Pt", but it was faded to almost nothing. I couldn't get a straight on pic of it due to the water and slippery rocks.
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    I was able to get a glimpse of Black Mt through the trees.
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    to be cont'd

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    The walk back to the trailhead was pretty uneventful. So I decided to have a little fun. There was a couple anchored on one of the bays. I do a pretty mean duck call. So I did my "distressed" call, and they started looking all over the place as I was hidden in the woods maybe 30 yards away.
    Can't resist.
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    After reaching the trailhead, I started heading home, but decided to make a quick stop at Shelving Rock Falls. I think it's a quick 1.2 mile round trip. I got there to a crowd of teens, tweens, and parents, as expected. And then made my way home.
    This is the pool above the falls. Looks like I lost my other picture of the actual falls.
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    to be cont'd


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      8/28, I decided to hit the same general area again. From Dacy Clearing, I scooted up Sleeping Beauty. Always a sweet spot to be.
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      Next, I made my way past Bumps Pond and over to Fishbrook Pond. I stayed there back in April on an overnighter and it brought back great memories. Then I decided to check out Greenland Pond and the lean to since I never made it down that trail before. This is where I encountered my 1st ever rattle snake this side of the Mississippi. I was stepping over a log, and heard the distinctive rattle. I looked down to see the snake was right where I was about to step. So I re-adjusted me stride and stumbled quickly past the snake.

      Now at the lean to, I took a break. Talk about solitude. Great lean to right on the water, and it comes with a boat!
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      After a little break, I headed back to Fishbrook Pond where I took a refreshing swim.
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      to be cont'd


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        Clothes back on, I took the counter-clockwise way around the pond, walked back to Bumps Pond, and took a right on the Bumps Pond Spur Trail. After close to a mile, I took another right on the Erebus Mt Trail and hit the high point of the trail (the official summit).
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        From here, I did the bushwhack to the actual summit (I think). I followed the orange/pink ribbons up and reached a cairn with a metal canteen. This looked like the high spot to me. I looked around for a sign and couldn't find it. If it's not the actual summit, no biggie. (Anyone know?)
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        The bushwhack down proved to be a little fun. For whatever reason, I had trouble following the ribbons and got off track. Not wanting to back track, I just headed straight down and linkedback up to the trail. Good thing I brought my pack with me, otherwise I would of had to back track to pick it up at the trail's high point.

        Back to Bump's Pond where I cleaned the little pine needles off my head and neck. This is where I saw my first human of the day.
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        The rest of the way back to the truck was uneventful. Saw another couple of groups on their way up, and some fungus among us.
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          Nice report. I am jealous you saw a rattler. Can't say for sure whether you hit the Erebus summit or not. I didn't see a cairn when I was there. No sign either. No matter... no view from anywhere around that summit area anyway. If you didn't hit it you probably only missed by a few feet.


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            It must have been it. The ribbons stopped right there, there was a cairn, and I couldn't see anything higher. Like you said, no matter. It was pretty cool to get itchy and semi-lost.

          • Makwa
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            If you followed the ribbons then you hit the high point. I followed them down. Missed them on the way up and bushwhacked the worst route possible then poked around looking for a summit sign I had seen pictures of online but that wasn't there when I visited. Appeared I was on the high point as I saw nothing higher. I always hate leaving those kind of spots and having to wait until I get home to check my tracklog to see if I actually tagged the high point.

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          Interesting to say the least and nice photos tho I missed the one with the rattler An area I never explored, thanks.


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            Those campsites along the lake to Black Mt. Point are run as part of the DEC campground system and a fee is charged thru Labor Day. After that, it's free and they are nice quiet sites during the week.


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              Yeah, I'm sure they're pretty quiet after Labor Day. Carrying in and stashing a kayak somewhere along that path could be pretty cool.