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Panther Gorge over night and Grey too

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  • Panther Gorge over night and Grey too

    If you are coming to the Adirondacks from another planet and can only go on one trip - you should climb the high peaks from Elk Lake. It has everything but a big lake.

    - logging road
    - huge deciduous forest - Some of the trees you could not get your arms around.
    - swamp with a nice boardwalk - I just love this little swamp,
    - carnivorous forest
    - alpine forest
    - overnight at a leanto (we did 2 nights)
    - high peak summits (some if the biggest and best!)
    - Adirondack stream - Marcy Brook - relaxing in the warm sun and cooling the feet.
    - bad trail - (if you do Haystack)
    - bugs (there was even flies on it last year in the drought) - Bring bug spray!
    - Frogs, toads and salamanders (none of which were eaten)

    I really enjoyed being out with my son. He gave me geology lessons as we walked up and down Marcy brook. He found a rock which when wet and held up to the sun light glowed with a holographic blue shine. Like some kind of Lord of the Rings magic stone. We found the same rock on the climb to Grey the next day. You climb over a huge bolder of it.

    We really enjoyed sharing the leanto with a guy named Felix.

    We love the puffy thrushes that bounce around.

    Saturday night a thunder storm moved in. There was one bolt so intense that I now have a new definition for bright and loud at the same time. The sound echoed for a long time off of Marcy and Haystack cliffs. It was not awe inspiring it was terror inspiring.

    If Pinnacle Peak has a view, I may someday come back for a day trip and climb it and do the swamp board walk again. I would love to look out over the whole swamp.

    I took a picture of my son on top of Grey Peak. When we got back and shared it, everyone loved it. I remarked to my son that it was the least important moment of the whole trip. He smiled and shot back 'It was!'.

    He is looking at the moon, not the finger. Bruce Lee would be pleased.

    Leave No Trace!

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    Originally posted by Bunchberry View Post
    If Pinnacle Peak has a view, I may someday come back for a day trip and climb it and do the swamp board walk again. I would love to look out over the whole swamp.
    The view from Pinnacle is among the finest in all of the Adirondacks, in my opinion. The Marcy Swamp area is a favorite of mine as well.

    Great trip!

    From every mountainside, let freedom ring.


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      Thank you for the info! It is on the list! I love getting multiple views to an area and understanding the lay of the land. After that I can look at the map and the area comes to life in my mind.

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    Panther Gorge is an awesome place to camp 4 seasons. One is often alone and its beyond quiet and peaceful. Great place to see a martin. I can only imagine the intensity of a thunder storm there.
    I should add; winter camping in Panther Gorge is for the best equipped, physically fit and more experienced individuals. Its a long way from anywhere and uphill to get out. Am not sure about the site of the new lean-to but the old lean-to was often almost buried in snow. In an emergency expect no quick help.
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