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One (Long) Weekend, 7 Peaks - Tabletop/Phelps, Nye/Street and Macomb/S. Dix/Grace

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  • One (Long) Weekend, 7 Peaks - Tabletop/Phelps, Nye/Street and Macomb/S. Dix/Grace

    Got back Sunday from a long weekend up in the Adirondacks. Working on my 46 and I'm now at 19/46, hoping to get past halfway by September/October. First hike on Independence Day was Tabletop and Phelps. After an easy climb up to Indian Falls to check out the amazing view of the MacIntyre Range I backtracked a bit and made my way up to Tabletop. Can't say it is a trail I will be itching to revisit anytime soon. Not especially steep but rooty, muddy (especially right before the summit) and buggy. Spent about 10 minutes at the summit then made my way back down. Stopped at Phelps brook to cool off and wash some of the mud from my boots before heading up to Phelps. It was a really humid day and for some reason I was just really dragging, consuming a lot of water and taking lots of breaks. Finally got to the summit and loved the views from up there, but again the flies were really aggressive so I spent less time than I might have otherwise.

    The following morning I got up early and hit the herd path out to Nye and Street. Easy to follow the entire way, and some nice views of the MacIntyre Range from the other side on the way up, but I can't say either peak is one I would choose to revisit soon. Short 10 minute jaunt to Nye with one view just before you hit the wooded summit, then backtracked and went up to Street - much longer with some muddy patches and some very aggressive flies. They were dive bombing me when I hit the summit so again I didn't stay long. Hiked back down most of the way with a 46er working on completing them with his son. Also spent some time cooling off at the brook crossing, as it was very humid again.

    After a day of rest on Saturday (visited the Blue Line Brewery in Saranac), I checked out of my motel and drove down to the Elk Lake trailhead on Sunday. Was again one of the first few people out on the trail and didn't see another living soul until I was half way up the Macomb slide. Absolutely loved the slide and the nice gentle trail leading up to it. Stopped at the top to chat with the guy who was following me up - he was planning on knocking off the entire Dix Range as his first 46 hike. The hardest part of Macomb for me was just after the slide, but I got through it quickly and spent a few minutes snapping photos of the amazing view of Elk Lake on the way up. It almost doesn't look like a real landscape. Then down and up to South Dix with its fun rock scramble, and finally down and over to Grace, which took a bit longer than I expected. Met two women who had hiked in from 73 at the Grace summit, but otherwise had it all to myself. Really glad I chose this hike for Sunday - the weather was ideal and the views were killer.

    Took the Lillian Brook cutoff trail down from South Dix. It's a little sketchy and primitive but there is plenty of cool water the whole way down. The Hunters Pass trail coming back to the Slide Brook camping area was muddier than I expected and took me a while - or maybe I'd just hit a wall. In any case I was back at my car by 4 and on my way home. What a great weekend.

    Planning to come back up for Labor Day to do Dial/Nippletop then and staying at JBL in September for the Wolfjaws/Armstrong/HaBaSa. Might also try to squeeze in a hike to Marshall through Indian Pass in October.

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    Thanks for the TR and great pics, you packed a bunch of good stuff in just a few days for a great trip. I was on the Dix range Thursday, and when I stopped for a min in the col between grace and s. dix I had looked over and took a pic of that same massive boulder that had split into 2 or 3 and flopped over at different angles.. I love that classic shot at Indian Falls too
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