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6/6-6/8 Alg, Iroq, Tooth, Gray

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  • 6/6-6/8 Alg, Iroq, Tooth, Gray

    Hey again ev1. Here's a quick run down of my past 3 days up north. Thanks again to all that helped with getting to and coming down from Shepherd's Tooth.

    6/6 - Left Upper Works late morning, huffed down Calamity Brook Trail to the Lake Colden Trail. We set up camp at a tent site near the junction of the Cold Brook Pass and Lake Colden trails.

    6-7 - Went up the Algonquin Trail to Boundary. I was expecting this trail to be pretty rough, but it was easy going. Still a few small spots here and there with snow, but almost all gone now. Some real pretty water spots as we made our way up.

    Click image for larger version

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    Hit up Algonquin first. What a great view of Colden.

    Click image for larger version

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    Next we made our way to Iroquois.
    Shepherd's Tooth from Iroquois.

    Click image for larger version

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    Just after snapping this picture, 4 gentlemen showed up on top of The Tooth. We made our way down to them quickly. The trail down was pretty easy to follow. Someone we spoke to at Boundary told us they were planning on going down to Cold Brook Pass from the Tooth, our intended route as well. So now there were 6 of us. With 6 pairs of eyes, we had no problem at all making our way down. I think we got really lucky. We went down until we couldn't go down any more. Hung a sharp left, and within a few seconds, found the path we would take down to Cold Brook Pass. I'm assuming this was the chimney, chute, ramp, or whatever it's called. As I entered it, I looked up, and it was just a steep chimney of rock. I was having such a great time during this part of the trip, I completely forgot to take any pictures of the way down.

    Next we checked out the plane wreck.

    Click image for larger version

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    After some lunch back in camp, we broke camp and skipped up to a tent site near Uphill Lean To.

    to be cont'd

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    12'ster #382
    4/12 W

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    The next morning I decided to just hit up Gray.

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    Marcy from Gray.

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    Checked out Lake Tear of the Clouds.

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    I think everyone recognizes this rock.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1831.JPG Views:	0 Size:	15.4 KB ID:	497834

    Coming back from Gray we broke camp and made the long walk back to Upper Works. Had some issues with one of my feet, but the ice pack on it now is doing wonders.

    Oh yeah. I forgot to mention.

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    46'er (waiting for #)
    12'ster #382
    4/12 W


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      There is a patch for the Shepherd's Tooth that you are now eligible for, way to go!
      ADK 46/46W + MacNaughton, Grid 271/552
      Photos & Stuff


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        Not surprising there were no bugs since they were having their annual convention at the Sewards (I was attending as a luncheon guest).

        Thanks for the report.


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          Glad you made it to Shepherd's tooth and down. We chatted at the Boundary trail intersections as I was coming back from Iroquois and you were drying your socks. I too was shocked at the lack of any bugs on Iroquois, Algonquin, or Wright. But the next day, working trail crew on the Pinnacle Ridge trail, the black flies almost carried us all off, persistent from top to bottom, even on the dry sections. Go figure!!


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            That was actually my partner you were talking to. I was up on Algonquin at the time.

            Hats off to you for working trail crew. I may walk through some of your handy work later this year.