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West Donaldson on 24 Nov. 2007

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  • West Donaldson on 24 Nov. 2007

    Off at 06h00 from summer parking lot. Road was not very slippery with no ice patches and it should remain open until at least the 10th Dec. Only 1 pickup truck in parking lot whose occupants had left for an overnight stay the previous day.

    Trail and herd path up Calkins Brook had minimal ice & snow, less than 2. Ground not yet frozen with leaves soaked in, making for wet trail conditions.

    Started my bwk up West Donaldson at 08h30 at about 2950. Stubbornly refused to put my snowshoes on and thus sunk often in between fallen trunks hidden under snow unnecessarily slowing me down; but I was in no hurry and day was beautiful.

    About up encountered very icy cliff. Decided to contour by right but should have taken other direction since it took 300 yds or so before I could find spot to pull myself up. Finally reached flat somewhat thick summit shortly after 10h00. Roamed around summit for about hour checking all bumps and viewpoints.

    You were right Rik, the view of the Seward range is unique and quite impressive from that angle.

    By 11h40 was back on herd path. Too early to head back down. So uphill I went towards Donaldson. Dropped my pack on my way. Having no good view of W.D. from Donaldson summit, I decided to continue on herd path towards Emmons, until I came to ledge with an unobstucted view of W.D. WOW very gratifying to see what I just accomplished.

    Met Pinpin on way down around 3200. Funny cause having noticed tracks going to Emmons & Seward I had told myself that Alain must be here, who else. Was back to my car & off by 14h30.

    Total hiking time : 8h30
    "Getting to the top is optional; getting back down is mandatory". Maxim of Ed Viesturs, the first American to have climbed all 14 of the world's 8,000 meter peaks.

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    Nice report Pierre. Glad you made it.
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