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Sewards Defeat 11/23

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    Originally posted by TFR View Post
    Ah yes! The day Old Man Winter kicked the a$$es of at least 20 strong hikers! I won't name them all, but I was the ringleader of sorts! There were a lot of disappointed wannabe W46-ers that day, (not to mention some already W46-ers), many of whom have gone back and finished the deed. Persistence will pay off!
    I was on ths were sure did Kick our a%^ that day. Plenty of fond memories from that day.


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      Originally posted by Snickers View Post
      Bill was kind enough to insist on buying me new crampons. Really nice Black Diamonds, I used them on the way up Algonquin and really like them, thanks Bill.
      Hmm, a sinister plan forms.

      1) Hike with Bill. Be sure there is a gear store on driving route back from planned hike. Bring worn out, used-up piece of gear.
      2) During hike, ask Bill to tie said piece of gear onto pack.
      3) Lose said piece of gear.
      4) Complain to Bill and wait to see what happens. Be sure to drive past aforementioned gear store on the way home.

      Seriously, great report. I think all would agree that you made the right call safety-wise, and also because you'll have to go back over D to get to E anyhow. Obviously many, many people have turned around in the Sewards, and I imagine many, many more will continue to do so. In my first round of the 46, Emmons was the only peak I had to return for. And my first attempt at that range was in the summer!

      "Why so many want to read about the world out-of-doors, when it's more interesting simply to go for a walk into the heart of it, I don't fully understand." -Edward Abbey