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The 46 of 46 Podcast: A High Peaks Audio Trip Report

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    New episodes up now featuring Jay Mountain and a special bonus episode, “Live from Jay Mountain”. More content and episodes coming soon! Link below, have fun and be safe out there!

    Jay Mountain

    Live From Jay Mountain


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      Very enjoyable podcast, and I echo your enthusiasm for Jay Mountain - was there in May and enjoyed the fantastic views out every which way. Nice to eat lunch looking off toward Lake Champlain.


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        Hey everyone! I’ve recently begun a new series of episodes on The 46 of 46 Podcast called “Summit Sessions”, a more traditional interview-style episode structure (along with my usual trip report-story style episodes). I’ve had some pretty great guests come on the show so far (including Adirondack legend and author Erik Schlimmer on this past week’s episode) with more coming every Friday. If you miss hiking in the ADK take a listen as we talk all things ADK.



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          Wow, never saw this discussion. But I’m an avid listener! As a fairly new aspiring 46’er (11 since 7/3/19) I really enjoy your podcast; I’ve used it to get psyched up for upcoming hikes and whatnot. You are a great source of knowledge to us noobs.