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  • Kilburn Mt.

    decided on a short bushwhack saturday, one i haven't climbed in 5 years, so kilburn it was. was at monument falls parking are at 9, packing up when this truck pulls in, and the driver asks where i was headed. so i pointed up kilburn, and surprise so was she. now who else would be crazy to bushwhack in the snow, when its in the 20's, but christine, cory and sean. so we joined up, tried to follow christines directions, cory led the way and knocked all the snow off the trees for us, and 3 1/2 hrs. later we were standing on top, then went back to open ledge with the view and had a little snack. it turned out to be a nice warm day, a little breeze on top, but sean's thermometer said 28, felt pretty close to that in the sun. with tracks to follow down, it only took 2 hs. to get out. our route started up the brook, then crossed over and stayed south of the brook, and climbed the west ridge. excellent route, only a couple of thick sections, avoided the blowdown, except cory who headed right through the worst of it.

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    When I saw the Kiburn report, I kinda thought that it was Cory's since he PM'd me about snow conditions in the Sentinels. Odd that the met you in the lot. Great day in the mountains yesterday, huh? I dressed a little warm and we baked on the open slabs of Giant.

    How was the snow, driving around, it looks like the Sentinels might be ahead in the snow department? Did you guys run into alot. There was quite a bit more on Pitchoff then we found on Giant. Makes sense as Lake Placid has about 3-4 inches on the ground and Keene has next to nothing.

    Great views from up there, huh.....
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