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Hadley Mountain fire tower

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  • Hadley Mountain fire tower

    After having a cold and cough for almost 2 weeks, I felt well enough to get out for a little while and get some exercise. Shirley and I had a late evening on friday and didn't get going right away. It was cold with a temp of about 29 at the trailhead. Well that's cold for us. Hadley Mt had been recommended by a friend here. He said it was a nice short hike with enough elevation change to make it worthwhile. We signed in at 12:50. Trail starts gaining elevation right off the bat which was great. It wasn't long before my lungs started burning from the cold air. Trail wasn't steep but it was very steady up. This will be a hike we make many times in the future. Parts I'll actually run up once the ice goes away! Trail descriptions states the trail looks like a slanted sidewalk and that's exactly true. Except today, it looked more like a frozen zoom flume. There was lots of ice and water running down over the rocks. It was never an issue, though. First mile or so keeps that steady climb then one hits the ridge and it levels out for about 3 tenths with the last 1/2 mile going back to that steady climb. As we approached the summit, a view to the southwest starts to open up. You can see down to the upper sections of the Great Sacandaga Lake. Then all of a sudden you pop up over this last hill and there's the fire tower staring you right there. We had a fairly clear day and could see for miles. I believe I could see Gore Mt pretty clearly and up to some of the high peaks from the fire tower itself.
    After some refreshments and photographs, we headed back down the somewhat icy trail. Total trip was about 2.5 hrs including about a half hr of summit time.
    This turned out to be a very nice hike and exactly what I wanted. Thanks Rik for the suggestion! We even had time to stop at a tree farm on the way home and cut us down an Xmas tree :p
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