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The Santanoni Shuffle

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  • The Santanoni Shuffle

    We started up Santanoni on 2/9 in the early morning. Two hikers from Jersey preceded us, per the register. Initial going was easy in snowshoes... herd path was difficult to locate. Despite using a GPS we started up several incorrect paths (apologies to anyone trying to follow tracks!). Biting wind chill and lots of deep snow cover, combined with regular falls into spruce holes led us to turn around just above the Hillary Step, where we met the hikers who started before us - they had taken a different route, and were also coming down before reaching the summit due to the windchill and difficulty with pathfinding. It was a beautiful, sunny day, but so cold!

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    Sorry you didn't make it. Would have been a tough day from exposure to the elements.
    My buddy and I bailed on Iroquois (and Algonquin) because of the wind and cold you were seeing.