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Street & Nye, 11/21/18

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  • Street & Nye, 11/21/18

    A partial early section of the herd path was not broken properly...the one where you dip down, reascend to the opposite ridge and then go back down and back over to the original side... I re-broke it correctly on the way out.

    Indian Brook crossing...a non-issue due to some sections of ice bridging. The second crossing was open water, though quite shallow and also a non-issue. Is it me or did the crossing get moved further down toward the old beaver dam? I found some flagging along the brook to suggest as such...

    Some sections of the herd path along the brook and further up were also broken incorrectly...I corrected a couple of them, including one that bypasses a brook section. It's frustrating when you know where the herd path goes and doesn't follow or not to follow.

    Street broken out last Saturday, courtesy of John Enholdt. John did a pretty good job of staying on the herd path, with only a couple deviations that aren't an issue. I refreshed after another 6-14" of new snow. Snowed ALL day, and like a banshee for most of it.

    Wore snowshoes car-to-car because I am lazy like that, but the trail around the lake to the old Nye ski trail was a little thin in places. Up high, the base of snow still doesn't quite cover all the logs and roots, but we're getting there. That being said, there is at least three feet of snow at elevation off trail.

    Ran into a family of four without snowshoes who only did Nye (hence the Street re-break). The father claimed that an ADK employee at the HPIC told them they didn't have to wear them unless they were postholing. I would hate to think that this is actually true, as anyone would take this as license to leave their snowshoes in their car.

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    Very frustrating, but with the rangers stretched thin, there is no way they can be everywhere to intervene! Good thing someone who knows the way was there to reset the trail! Have you finished Street/Nye for the grid with this hike?


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      HPIC employee is obviously uninformed about snowshoes.


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        A few years ago on a cold and snowy January day a couple of us parked at HPIC and geared up to go tag Colden via the southern route. We were met by a ranger who had parked right near the sign-in kiosk and was giving folks the ol' Q&A before they headed out, while prepping his own gear for what looked like a multi day stay at one of the outposts. He looked us up and down and didn't give us the third degree he had given the two groups before us, just asked where we were headed and told us to have fun. As we walked away he said in no uncertain terms "you can leave the snowshoes here. You won't need them out there and they'll just be along for the ride." Being the more vocal one of our group (obviously) I looked up at the sky and around at all the snow on the ground and said something along the lines of "that's not advice I'd expect from you, nor is it what I'd give." He kind of laughed it off, something to the effect of "hey, its your pack weight."

        As it turns out, we didn't absolutely need our snowshoes that day. Traction, yes, but the flotation was optional, relatively speaking. I'm still a little bothered by this, regardless of whether we was right or wrong. If a ranger is giving that kind of advice who knows what the folks at the HPIC are telling people when they aren't being held to the same level of accountability for their advice, and wouldn't have to deal with SAR issues if something goes wrong.

        Edit: Just to clarify, we wore our snowshoes.
        My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.


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          Wow that's very surprising. Aren't there enough search and rescue's up there now?

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          Their eyes can't hope to see
          The beauty that surrounds them
          Isn't it a pity
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            Maybe you should be glad that the rangers can be relaxed on the subject. Who wants the ranger to be blind to the conditions? I say a little err in this direction makes things appear a bit more free, which is good. Its only snow. We're talking about a government rule that can be blindly enforced. I guess you'd have to be there, so only going by the words here.

            Of course, on the other hand, the ranger is assuming that hikers are going to stay on the tight rope, but its probably a good assumption, barring a forest fire or something. Sounds like in the end the ranger saved the hikers some aggravation of carrying snowshoes, which can be a bit awkward to carry. Of course very few actually even own snowshoes, but that's a different story. Floatation increasing devices, that's what we're talking about here. Please don't call them snowshoes..., especially the ugly ones.

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              Always amazes and befuddles me how resistant people are to wearing snowshoes. Same deal on the trails up here in Quebec.


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                so beautiful in the store
                so wonderful in on line advertisements
                beautiful young couples frolicking in the beautiful snow
                pink, lavender, baby blue colors for the girls
                red, orange, black for the boys
                little dials and straps to attach them to your feet

                then you pull up to the trail head on a cold dark bitter day
                not much snow in the parking lot
                trail looks like snowcrete
                debate leaving in car
                awkwardly strap on pack
                march up the main trail bare boot
                a bit of fresh snow on the hardpack
                now more snow as you wallow along
                soon its steep and deep
                your up to your crotch each step

                And an old timer all in green floats by
                old red MSR EVO's
                a big smile as he passes by
                He finally passed the idiot who's making all the post holes.

                I like to carry my snowshoes on my feet car to car unless major ice
                just like old timer PinPin
                or that youngster moosebeware


                • moosebeware
                  moosebeware commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Thanks for the poem. My feet hate both hiking boots and snowshoes. The combination of the two makes for a long day and limits my mileage. I have a Morton's neuroma in my right foot, so this is not a simple problem of another pair of boots or insoles. To get the surgery to fix the neuroma means to lose feeling in my feet; as I have severe Raynaud's disease I cannot do this. Suffice to say I wish I could wear trail runners with neoprene boots like some other folks do year round, but the Raynaud's limits this as well, as my feet are severely prone to frostbite.

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                Originally posted by mastergrasshopper View Post
                floats by
                or is it fly?

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                  Originally posted by moosebeware View Post
                  ...did the crossing get moved further down toward the old beaver dam?
                  No, it did not.