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Whacking Up Wallface

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  • Whacking Up Wallface

    On Friday, 8/31/18, Gravity Man & I hiked Wallface Mt. We launched Upper Works at 8:30 AM. A leisurely 2 hrs. later we approached Wallface and turned off the Indian Pass Brook trail at the carne. We assumed this was one of many carne marked trails for rock climbers. We took it to the left base of the cliff. We took in the views, took some photo’s, then started the bushwhack, spiraling up - hugging the left side of the cliff. It was mostly waist high growth, ferns and bushes. We took a hard right at the ridge and found some flagging through woods to a few bumps wondering which one was summit proper. We continued the ridge northeast, until we hit the 2017 rescue clearing. There’s a nice lookout from there towards the Mac’s and down though Henderson Lake. Nice to be able to see where you launched from. It always surprises me the visual distance you cover. Our plan was to loop / bushwhack down the NE side until we hit Indian Pass brook, then Indian Pass Brook trail, so we could see more of the cliff face on the return trip. On the descent, there was excessive flagging on that side. Multiple series of colors. We prematurely favored our descent more east than north, but at one point we hit very steep sections and had to re-route up, then further north to maintain a doable descent. Once we hit the Indian Pass Brook trail there were many great views of the cliff face. The best part was seeing from a distance how we spiraled up the left side earlier. Indian Pass Brook Trail along the base of Wallface is every bit as rugged as any of the published material describes. You wind around, under, and over huge boulders – erratics. This bushwhack was not as thick as a previous MacNaughton hike. Not once did I sink hole up to my crotch, have my pack yanked, or safety glasses pulled off. There’s something really cool about hiking to a place many miles from the nearest parking lot.

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    Interesting route!


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      Well done. I wish I could have joined you on this adventure OffTheTrail....anyway it sounds like a nice place to go someday, especially now that you and that Gravity Man know the path to take (or not).

      Thinking about our trek up MacNaughton, that mountain stole one of your hiking poles! On the way up in one of those people eating sink holes it was lost forever, went somewhere into the mountain and may never be found again.

      What would a MacNaughton, Wallface, LLP hike take?

      Adk 46er


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        It was a great trip. Nice to finally get THC on some more serious bushwhacking adventures. So many new places are now opened up to you (yes, I know I will be guiding!). Cheers!