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Big Slide, 22 Nov. 2015

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  • Big Slide, 22 Nov. 2015

    Big Slide was my first ADK46 peak, back in 2010. On Sunday I returned for the first time since then.

    At Tmax-n-Topo's Hostel in the morning several of us checked the weather forecasts and found that there was a big disagreement between NOAA forecast and the Weather Underground one. The WU forecast predicted better weather. It turned out to be right. There were altocumulus clouds, but nothing blocking the views, and only occasional light flurries.

    I did the loop from the Garden clockwise. The first part of the hike is an easy stroll along John's Brook. Then I took the Slide Mtn. Brook trail up the mountain. This trail starts by following, and several times crossing, Slide Mtn. Brook. None of the crossings were difficult, though. The big surprise for this part of the hike was the lack of ice. There was a little high up, but a lot less than I'd seen the day before on Esther/Whiteface. I think it was because the Slide Mtn. Brook Trail is on the south face of the mountain.

    When I got to the main trail I was only 0.3 miles from the summit, but it was a tricky 0.3 miles. As soon as I was on the main trail (whose name is not clear) I found the ice I had been expecting. I put on microspikes and picked my way up. I was helped by some ladders, which had been under construction that last time I was up there.

    The summit of Big Slide has great views, and unlike my last time there I knew what I was looking at, because I had climbed those mountains. From left to right you can see Giant, the whole Great Range (with Dix and Nippletop behind), Marcy, Colden, and the McIntyre Range.

    I had seen a few people on the trail along John's Brook, nobody on the SMBT, and a lot of people on Big Slide.

    I went back via the Brothers. This trail was icier than the one I came up, and I kept taking the microspikes on and off. I had forgotten how nice hiking the Brothers is, with their repeated short exposed areas.

    When I got back to the Garden the sun was setting.

    I've been redoing the Northeast 111 in my 60s, having done them previously in my 50s, and Big Slide was number 27 in that effort.

    Here are the pictures.



    NE111 in my 50s: 115/115 (67/67, 46/46, 2/2)
    NE111 in my 60s: 27/115 (19/67, 8/46, 0/2)
    NEFF: 50/50; Cat35: 39/39; WNH4K: 36/48; NEHH 81/100
    LT NB 2009

    "I don't much care where [I get to] --" said Alice, "-- so long as I get somewhere," ...
    "Oh, you're sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only walk long enough."
    - Lewis Carroll