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Noonmark and Round - August 9th

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  • Noonmark and Round - August 9th

    Never been on the summit of Noonmark, now I can't wait to go back.

    Decided to do a loop hike before driving back to Rochester. Started out very late (about 9:15) from the trailhead across from the golf course (the old Dix trail). No one had signed in before us.

    The ascent to Noonmark is about 2100 feet over 2.1 miles. By my reasoning, this is approximately an average 20% grade, so you can guess this babe is steep. Nonetheless, the trail is in great shape, a very nice walk in the woods, and relatively few ledges to negotiate. Various viewpoints affording great views on the way up. I would estimate an hour and a half to two hours for the average hiker (we took 1:40, which included some rest time for our 51 year-old legs.

    The summit is spectacular. 360 degree views of the Great Range, all the way around to Giant and Keene. It was a bit humid and hazy, so the clear view did not extend much further than these boundaries. We were alone (oddly enough) on the summit.

    This is a great hike for those with a half day to use (like us folks driving in from, or home to Rochester). I have no doubt I will do this hike many times again.

    We descended the mile down (1210 foot descent) to the four-way junction where this trail meets the old and new Dix trail, and headed over to Round. A long stretch of flat walking brought us to the turn-off to Round. One mile later (and about 600- 700 foot ascent), we summitted this mountain. Once again, we were alone on the summit. Once again we had 360 degree views, but Noonmark blocked some of the view of the Great Range. A nice little mountain, to be sure, but, since this requires approximately the same effort to climb as Noonmark, with similar terrain and foliage, I probably won't climb this one again.

    It is an 1800 foot descent over 2.3 miles from the "backside" to the trailhead (which is the closest one to the parking area). Overall, this loop is about 7 miles and it took us close to six hours because of much summit time and a minor knee problem which made the downhills a little less than fun.

    Thanks to Mavs TR on Noonmark, which planted this seed in my brain. Noonmark is, indeed, the best bang for the buck in the High Peaks.

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    You're welcome. I can't beleive I waited so long to hike this one either. Certainly will not be the last time either. Glad you had a good trip.
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