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  • Weekend Recap

    I made a couple last minute adjustments to my Sunday hike (for those who read my post last week!)

    Friday: Left Clifton Park under dark clouds and rain, made it to Lake Placid under sunny skies and less humidity. Headed to Saranac Lake and a quick jaunt up Mount Baker. This is a nice little hike, perfect for kids. Actually passed 3 families on the hike. No view from summit, but ledges below summit offer beautiful views of the high peaks, moose and mckenzie and Saranac Lake. There is also an abundance of blueberries. After hike headed to Whispering Pines to set up camp. I have to say I was disappointed in the site. It was really small. It was okay for 1 person, but anymore would be cramped. Anyways it was just for one night and I was able to have a nice fire (which I couldn't have done at South Meadow).

    Saturday: Got up early, packed up the tent and headed to hike Moose and McKenzie. Thanks to all the information on this site I had no problem finding the steps and sign that start the hike along Lake Placid. Since so many on this forum have hiked these GEMS I will just add a few thoughts:

    1) Trail is well marked and easy to folow. There were only a couple times I had to stop and find a trail marker.

    2) I found the trail from Loch Bonnie to Moose's summit VERY STEEP. It was a relentless climb. However it was worth the extra effort, because Lock Bonnie was nice. Thought it was funny that there is a lean-to on Loch Bonnie, but it faces AWAY from the lake.

    3) THINGS GET INTERESTING: After leaving Moose I got half way to McKenzie when I realized I left my camera on Moose. After a few select words, I dropped my pack and headed back to retrieve it. This added a about 3 miles to the hike and it came back to haunt later as I was pretty whipped by the time I headed up McKenzie.

    4) This is a real gem of a hike! The views were outstanding and the trail was real nice. It was nice to have a soft trail to walk on.

    5) You know this trail is not used much because I have never walked through so many spider webs in my life. I lost count after 30.

    6) I DID NOT SEE ANOTHER PERSON THE WHOLE DAY!!!! From the time I started the hike until I got back to the car, it was me and the woods!!!! After I drove home and passed the trailheads to Giant and Cascade I thought it was funny how packed the lots were and how I was alone all day.

    7) This is truly a GREAT hike and thanks to everyone who shared information it.

    By the time I got back to Clifton Park, I was exhausted, and my knee was sore and Sunday's hike looked in jeapordy.

    Sunday: I decided to sleep in. I was really sore, but I still wanted to hike. I had decided Thursday to do Red Hill and possbile Balsam Lake. At this point I was thinking Red Hill would be good enough. This was a long drive to get to the trailhead. This is only a 1.4 mile hike up with 800 feet evelvation gain. This was a easy hike, just what I needed after yesterday. When I got the tower, there was a summit guide on top, who I chatted with for awhile. He informed me that Balsam Lake was about 30 miles from here. At that point I decided it would wait for another day. Views fom tower were really nice. Got back home at 4 and headed right to the pool to col off.

    What a great weekend of hiking!!! It doesn't get much better than this!!!

    Happy hiking!!!

    Chris Sausville

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    Told you so

    Seriously Chris, glad to hear that you had a great time. I was very pleasantly suprised too. Great report.
    "The forest is the poor man's overcoat. " Old Northeastern Proverb