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  • Sawteeth 8-1

    Took jen up for a trip on the lower range, but changed it to just sawteeth when it looked like a thunder storm might be approaching. For some unknown reason, she is a little bit scared to be up high when the lightning starts hitting. Anyway, we ran the road in, skipped the scenic trail, and made the summit in very short order. Great views in every direction. I was wondering where the herd path is if you want to skirt around pyramid instead of climbing it? I think I may have found it just below the col, but jen wasn't having any "this might be it" bushwacking after the bennies brook debacle. All in all, it was a great day to be in the mountains, and it was my first time on Sawteeth without snow. I think I like buttsliding down back to the col over hiking it. I think I have her talked into getting Gothics from true north. I just need to figure the hike out first...
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    With all she puts up from you and your trips I think you should just marry her so she can start torturing you! :shock:
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      Great report Doug, Jen probably was like "Damn, no thunderstorms, or getting lost in the woods, dense bushwhacking. This trail hiking stuff is boring"
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