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1/46; 2/100 -- Big Slide/Yard Loop

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  • 1/46; 2/100 -- Big Slide/Yard Loop

    Big Slide/Yard Loop from the Garden Saturday July 23, 2005

    Hikers: Mark, Dave, Flip McCracken

    Elevation: 4240” Start: 8:05 Finished: 4:35 12.5 mi. RT

    Well, it the first attempt at a 46er for both Dave and I. We were meeting Flip at Grace Camp (who has done most of the mountains around JBL, where he was camping with his family, then doing the Big Slide/Yard Loop.

    After breakfast at the Noonmark Diner, we headed up to The Garden lot (7:40 am), only to find it full (should have got it to go). Luckily, we were the first ones at Marcy Field, so the driver took us immediately over and we only lost 20 minutes. We made good time to Grace, about 1hr15. It took me a while to adjust my pack—I think I was a bit overpacked. After a short stay with Flip’s family [his son Zack(7) and Abby (4) did a great job on the hike in Thursday], we crossed Johns Brook and started off for the trail to Big Slide at about 10:15. It was a beautiful, sunny day and with the temp in the mid-sixties, we quickly worked up a sweat on the Slide Mt. Brook trail. It was muddy in spots, but seemed in fairly good shape to my untrained eye. The views opened a bit above 3500 elevation. A few scrambles, and the ladder were interesting. It was a great feeling when we finally stepped out on the summit and I got to see for myself the of the Great Range I’ve been seeing on the web for so long. We found the summit marker, rested a while, took some pictures and ate lunch. Visibility was great. I could have stayed there all day.

    Finally, we decided to head off toward Yard on the summit trail. The forest was amazingly different on the NW side—and breezy. The coniferous forest seemed much more open, and I saw some mushrooms in vivid reds, yellows and orange all along the trail. We passed through the indistinct summit of Yard and started the descent. There was lot of blowdown making the trails hard to follow in spots, but it appeared there was some very recent trail maintenance. We took a lot of pictures as we went through some interesting rock cliffs, chutes and natural rock ladders.

    We finally rejoined the Klondike Trail, which was a muddy, buggy mess, and made our way back to JBL and Grace Camp. I have to admit the 3-plus miles back out to the lot was the least fun part, especially considering it was the longest hike I’d ever done. We hit the lot about 4:30 and headed for home. My first 46-er, but surely not my last.

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    Great Start and welcome to the addiction
    "The forest is the poor man's overcoat. " Old Northeastern Proverb


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      Welcome to the board and the High Peaks. Nice choice for your first high peak but I'm sure you will want to climb it again via the Brothers. Once your addiction kicks in that is! :shock:
      This post is for entertainment purposes only.