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A mountain, an island, and a shutout

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  • A mountain, an island, and a shutout

    Ok this trip report is a little different. My wife is from Long Island although she has lived upstate for longer than she lived down there. Her sister is the only remaining relative she has there and for years she has been asking us to come visit and spend a day on her boat. I'm not much a beach bum so I had to come up with some ways to make the trip more appealing. I succeeded. I have about one day of beach in me before I get bored with it. I love the ocean but sitting in the sun isn't my cup of tea. We all know how many mountains there are on Long Island right? I think the biggest hill is the latest pile-up on the expressway! It is hard for me to go a weekend without a hike and I hadn't hiked the weekend before due to work. I thought I was going to Redfield on Thursday and that would give me my "fix" to get me through the weekend. Well car trouble on Thursday really messed that plan up so on Thursday night I planned a short Catskill hike on our way down. We climbed Ashoken High Point (3080ft). The 7+ mile round trip took about 3 hours. We didn't start our hike until 5pm and saw a couple folks finishing up as we started. We didn't see anyone else. The trail is an old woods road like many Catskill trails. Very nice walk in my favorite part of the day to be in the woods. On top we enjoyed limited views due to some low clouds and thunderstorms in the area. We could hear rumbles of thunder as we got to the summit. We spent about 20 minutes wandering around the summit to different viewpoints and eating blueberries. The whole summit is a blueberry patch! We weren't the only ones enjoying as in the middle of the trail was a huge pile of fresh bear scat filled with undigested berries! It wasn't steaming but was soft and fresh looking. It never rained on us but you could see storms in the area. We cruised down finishing at 8pm. We cleaned up a little and then had some pizza and beer before continuing on our drive. We got to her sisters around 11:30pm. The next morning it was the ferry over to Davis Park on Fire Island where her boat was docked. We spent the day in the ocean. The sunset and moonrise (only 2 days past full) were awesome. The moon came up red, changed to orange, and then eventually yellow, with all the colors reflecting in the surf. We spent the night on the boat. In the morning it was the ferry back to Long Island where the next part of my plan came together perfectly. We went to see the Mets play the Dodgers and saw a great game. We got free seat cushions upon entering and then I caught one of the t-shirts they launch into the crowd between innings. The Mets won 6-0 with Kris Benson pitching eight scoreless and giving up 4 hits and Mike Piazza hitting a 2 run homer on a 3 for 3 day. The drive back was tiring but worth it. When we got home we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary with a bottle of 'champagne' that we had bought at the Biltmore Estate Winery in North Carolina last year on the same trip we got married on. Nice weekend! Too bad the weather was so lousy! :roll:
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    Originally posted by Peakbagr
    Holy Cow! Newlyweds. You guys seem so comfortable with each other that I thought you'd been married for years.
    The only bad thing about your post was the comment about it being a good ball game. I'm a Dodgers fan.
    Well we've lived together for six years and known each other for seven but the wedding didn't happen until a year ago. So how did you end up a Dodgers fan? And my condolences!
    This post is for entertainment purposes only.