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Thunderclaps on Gothics

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  • Thunderclaps on Gothics

    I just love it when I knowingly make a poor decision and it turns out okay. You know, when that little voice says "You shouldn't" and you say "Oh, but I'm going to!"

    Took the day off from work Wednesday and climbed Sawteeth, Pyramid and Gothics, just to work up a little sweat - and did I ever!

    Anyway, no need for a trip report on this stuff - plain vanilla all the way - but I did have an interesting stay atop Gothics. The poor decision occured on Pyramid as we watched clouds rolling in that were obviously bringing rain to various small areas south of Pyramid. We were all set to head for Gothics anyway when thunder started banging off of the hills all around. Didn't see much lightening tho. So, I asked my newbie hiking partner if she was willing to risk it; she said "Yep, I'm game". I told her it was considered a bad idea but that I was still up for it; so was she. I just love people who will embrace poor judgement with enthusiasm!

    So, we kwikly scale that big boy and high-five at the summit. The thunder is just banging off every mountain around us, (LOUD? you bet, ground-shaking explosions) there were about 15 different kinds of clouds in the sky - and we were bathed in sunlite! But only for about 3 min as a very dense sheet of low clouds moved directly over us and socked us in, the thunder just pounding away. I ask "Are you ok with this?" and get an affirmative answer; cool. So then I say that if lightening starts that we are just gonna immediately jump off the rock onto the scrub and lay straight out & low until it passes - Her eyes got a little wide at this, but she remained composed.

    The rest is anti-climactic: we obviously survived and by the time we returned to Pyramid the thunder had abated and the clouds were on the way out. But it was so cool being on top of Gothics in a thick cloud with that thunder just going bananas all around us.

    It sure wasn't smart, but it was a very interesting experience.

    For any young'uns reading this (like YOU Tim!) this was poor judgement all the way and we may have gotten very lucky as I am unlikely to have been smart enuff to really know that the conditions were satisfactory. Don't follow my lead.
    Walk Softly

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    But Bruce, you were my climbing correspondent! I would follow you to the ends of the earth, tell me what color you want that &%#@, and it's done!

    What are you, NUTS! That does sound cool, but don't do it again!! We would miss your sense of humor.


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      WHAT.............. YOU DID WHAT.

      The only thing dumber and more reckless than pushing on, in perilous and highly dangerous conditions, such as those represented by electircal storms on high open spaces just for the sake of "another summit" would be to ............

      Well, would be to do it with your own two childreeeeeeee.............. errrr, well you know what I mean .

      Oh never mind
      "The forest is the poor man's overcoat. " Old Northeastern Proverb


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        AS I agree it was shall we say tempting fate? Although I recall doing things like that once or twice. I recall summiting Algonquin on the return from Iroquois with my friend Clay. He is a priest, when lightning began striking the slides on Colden. I am game for bailing real quick when Clay says "Don't worry it will be fine." He spoke in a soothing voice priests are known for. All I could think to say was, "don't forget to tell your boss I'm with you."


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          Hehehe! Sometimes it feels good to be bad! Glad you made it safely down!
          This post is for entertainment purposes only.


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            What the hell, I hear the chances of getting hit by lightening are less than one in a million. :lol:


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              I figured out your propensity for bad judgment when you told me how much fun Couch would be :?


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                For the record: I never ever claimed that I'm smart. Just good-looking and personable.............yuk yuk
                Walk Softly


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                  Nice trip report Bruce. It must be something about that Gothics Summit. The first time I did Gothics I got socked in with thunder and lightning and man did that ground shake.

                  I wish you would write up more trip reports as you have such an awesome way of telling what happened. I love your sense of humor
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                    It thundered last time I was up there too! In fact we spent an hour waiting out the rain at the overhanging rock on the Beaver Meadow trail. The trail turned to a stream and by the time we got to the fall it looked like:
                    This post is for entertainment purposes only.


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                      I also hit a spell of bad weather when I was on Gothics.