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Haystack Mt. (Vermont)

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  • Haystack Mt. (Vermont)

    So Vermont has a Haystack too. A couple of them actually. With only part of day and some errands to run to the east we ventured over to Vermont again for a quick hike. This is the Haystack just south of Mt. Snow near the town of Wilmington. At 3445ft it is a decent sized peak but the trailhead is at about 2300ft so it isn't too hard of a climb. The trip up and back is less than 5 miles but it was a nice walk in the woods and the views from the summit are worth the effort. We could see Monadnock over in southern New Hampshire, Graylock in Mass, Mt. Snow to our north, and Glastenbury Mt. though the trees to the west. We could also see Haystack Pond and Harriman resevoir. It took about an hour to climb and less to come down. We spent about 45 minutes on top with several others out for this short day hike. We looked longingly at Mt. Snow but did not have time to walk over to it. Maybe another time.
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    supposedly it is a fifteen hundred foot climb and a three mile round trip to climb Snow. The guide book simply says to climb the Mt via ski trails from the ski center. It also says the gondola runs in the summer. Be warned it is likely a crowded spot as the summit is reportedly bare with great views.
    The Deerfield Trail that approaches from Haystack is supposedly quite rough and sounds more like a bushwhack than a trail. When we climbed Haystack last year I recall seeing cross country ski routes, what this is suppose to be. I did not see anything identified as the Deerfield trail. I wasn't looking either. I am thinking about doing the ski trail sometime this summer since I've done Haystack this looks like a more sensible route. Though I am not crazy about hiking ski trails. Did that on Gore a few years ago not fun. If you get an urge to climb Snow perhaps I'll tag along. Let me know if you do.