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Bear Den, Dial, Nippletop 1/27

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  • Bear Den, Dial, Nippletop 1/27

    We started our hike around 7:30AM from St. Hube's up the Lake Road to the trail for Bear Den. It was cold, around -1 when we started, the trail had about 1/2 inches of fresh powder down, but was broken out, so was easy to follow. We had not gone very far when a group from Albany ADK came bounding past. One had on snowshoes and the other two were barebooting same as us. When it started to get steeper we put on our crampons and continued on. We hit the first summit before Bear Den and ran into the Albany group who were now all donning snowshoes as the snow up high was getting deeper, about 6 inches. We also put on shoeshoes, which were kept on for the rest of the hike, had a quick bite to eat and off we went. We hit the summit of Bear Den and the views were not good as it was pretty well socked in. Off to Dial where we had a few views open up. The forest was beautiful as everything was covered in a thick blanket of snow. It was pretty cold so our stops were short, long enough to grab a quick drink and bite to eat. The hot apple cider was surely hitting the spot on this cold day. As we were hiking along I was thanking the Albany group for breaking trail, much to our surprise we ran into them at the Nippletop jct just getting ready to go up. So I thanked them in person and Joe and I followed them up to the summit. Skip and his companions are all winter 46r's and were proudly pointing out all the peaks and lakes we could see. I was getting cold so Joe and I headed down, what a great snowshoe and butt slide down!!! I was giggling like a little kid on the way down. It was a long day in snowshoes and we were happy to see the lake road and get back to bare boots. We made good time out on the road and signed out around 5:20PM. It was another beautiful hike in the mountains and another great day spent with Tailor!!

    Happy Trails!!!
    I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
    -Maya Angelou

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    Nice TR --I saw nothing a few weeks ago--completely socked in. I need to pick a good day when we repeat for Judy