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From Sawteeth to Lower Wolf Jaw, ADK

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  • From Sawteeth to Lower Wolf Jaw, ADK

    My good friend Motabobo and I went for the best clear-blue-sky hike of the Adirondacks sunday : Sawteeth, Pyramid Pk, Gothics, Armstrong Upper and Lower Wolf Jaw.

    We left the Ausable club at 7:20 and traveled leisurely for the next 12 hours. We enjoyed alpine zones from Pyramid to Gothics, saw Pin-Pin, met very few hikers, and gazed at the endless views on each summits (magnificent apparition of the White Mountains included).

    I got an adrenaline rush coming down Armstrong, be fully prepared if you are heading this way soon. The same day, a friend of ours decided to turnaround at the ladder because she knew that her 5' 1'' were not enough to make it. Good decision.

    A had a great GREAT time, and the HOT CHOCOLATE was a real treat with those conditions (OMG it was so cold all day).


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    Great pics, timmus! Looks like a fantastic (and fantastically cold) day out. We may experience your summit conditions here in CT tomorrow!
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      Hey good hike, good to hear you are out and about.Very nice hike with great weather.Need to start plan for international winter kid carrier hike.Let me know when and what mountains .


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        Those are great pics! It's crazy what can happen in just a couple of weeks! I was on those same peaks, minus Pyramid, just two weeks earlier. There were no views and no snow, just lots of rain! I almost feel like they shouldn't count for a winter round! Thanks for the pics and letting me see what I missed out on.
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          Nice! and GREAT pics!
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            That is a great hike through some of the most spectacular and rugged country the ADK's have to offer. The view from Pyramid to the slides of Basin is unbeatable. JoeCedar and I did it last year in the opposite direction and I was glad not to be descending the Wolf Jaw side of Armstrong! Don't you just love the views of LWJ from UWJ?

            Excellent pictures!


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              Were you able to use just your snowshoes the whole time or did you need to switch to crampons at times? Thanks,
              Pat Connors


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                Nice pics. I found myself day-dreaming about my own winter hikes as I was looking at the pics ... thinking about climbing Sawteeth a couple winters ago with a major hangover, climbing Gothics and Armstrong last year on a beautiful day, and climbing LWJ and UWJ this past Christmas Eve. Oh, and I was also thinking that, while you guys were busting your asses for 12 hours last Sunday, I was lounging on the couch, drinking beer and watching the Bears kick the crap out of the Saints.
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                  Looked and sounded great out there for you! Thanks for sharing the pictures!
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                    Nice Pics. Winter views are the best !


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                      Great Pics! Somehow I imagined there to be more snow up there than that! I guess we've not had enough freeze/thaw cycles to make it stick.
                      Love the shot from Armstrong over Gothics/Saddleback/Basin.... Looks Veeeery cold!
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                        Originally posted by Hikerdad View Post

                        Were you able to use just your snowshoes the whole time or did you need to switch to crampons at times? Thanks,
                        I used snowshoes from the pyramid tr until I got to the Armstrong ladder. I would have killed myself going down with the snowshoes ! But the ice was very thin on the rocks, so I wasn't able to front-point safely. Thanks to the trees ! I would bring a rope if heading back there this winter.

                        I kept the crampons for the Wolfjaws, since the trail was packed enough (some Swampy* guy said once that I can't post-hole because I'm too tiny. I like to think that !) I used the snowshoes on the way down (Wedge tr).

                        Mastergrasshopper : Let's plan something soon, in the Basin/Saddleback area. I'll PM you.

                        *Edit : I previously wrote Doug by mistake, sorry about that.
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                          Great winter pics. We did UWJ, Armstrong, Gothics & Pyramid from St-Hubert the day before under the clouds and light snowflakes. Wish we would of done it on Sunday & may have crossed path with you.
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