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  • Pillsbury and Wakely

    Me and the boys used Lewey Lake as our base camp to hike these mountains. These are the last two I needed for the Adirondack portion of the Firetower Challenge. It was a really HOT and HUMID weekend with temps in the lower 90's, fortunately there was a light, cool breeze coming off the lake. The forecast called for thunderstorms, but fortunately they never came and it was a beautiful weekend.

    We arrived at Lewey Lake Saturday morning around 10am and were very fortunate to get a BEAUTIFUL water site looking at the mountains. After setting up the tent we headed to the Pillsbury trailhead. We headed down Perkins Clearing Road and noticed some nice primitive campsites on Mason Lake. (If I knew they were there I probably would have stayed there). The last part of the road to the trailhead was in really bad shape and gave my Jeep a workout. Eventually we arrived safely at the trail. This ia a relatively short hike, but it is moderate to steep almost the whole way up. The trail was very dry and we made alot of stoops due to the heat and humidity. We reached the tower at 2:30, where there are no views from the ground and today no views from the tower due to the haze. Bugs were not too bad either. The trip down was uneventful and we were swimming in Lewey Lake by 5pm. Saw 4 other hikers today.

    We woke up Sunday and packed up our stuff and headed to Wakely. This was my first time to Wakely Dam and boy is this a long road. I never thought we were going to make it. Fortunately the road is in much better shape then the road to Pillsbury. The dam was really cool and the boys really enjoyed it. We arrived at the trailhead at 10 and started the hike to Wakely. The first 1.1 miles is down an old jeep road, which I thought you could not drive down, but when we got to the end, someone had driven down to this point, saving them about 2.2 miles of hiking. From here the trail remains flat until 1.9, then it swings right and starts a moderate to steep climb for 1.1 miles to the tower. Due to the heat, we took alot of water and Powerade breaks. We made it to the summit at 1:30, where the bugs were brutal. They were swarming all of us. We decided to go to the top of the tower to eat lunch. This is one huge tower. The views were a little better today, but still a bit hazy. Bugs wern't too bad in the tower, but once we came back down they swarmed us again. We quickly took a couple pics, checked out the cabin and then headed down. Trip down uneventful and we made it to the car at 3:15. Saw 6 other hikers today.

    Another spectacular weekend in the Daks with my boys.

    Only Red Hill, Balsam Lake and Mount Tremper left.

    Happy hiking to all!

    Chris Sausville