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  • Sawtooth #4

    because of the heat, Peak_bgr and I changed plans again.
    decided on a short bushwack. the less time in thick the better.
    took the seward trail to blueberry leanto, and started the bushwack where the road joins trail. only 1.5 miles straight to the top. we veered right a little, and found an easy open walk to just below the summit.
    and higher up on a couple bumps were some nice views! when we reached top we found a sign and an old canister. and a great view of seward and seymour, oulaka pass and a couple of the other sawtooth.

    took a different way down, angled too far right, hit a swamp, did a circle and took just as long down as up. the woods were filled with lots of dead stuff, making the hike a lot harder than the way up.

    trip time - 3.5 hours up. mostly because of how hot it was, couldn't keep climbing more than 5-10 minutes at a time. then about 3 hrs. back down.
    definitely a mountain you want to climb, when it's a little cooler.
    great views

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    That's great. Finally working your way into the Sawtooth Range. I'm stuck in Indiana and I haven't seen so much as a hill in 3 days. Very strange :? . Oh Well, soon I hope.
    "The forest is the poor man's overcoat. " Old Northeastern Proverb


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      Very nice mountain. ery open considering all the horror stories. Our route up was very open to .2 miles below the summit. It got real thick for about .05 miles then opened up again to just a few feet below the summit.

      We somehow managed to go off the east side of the summit, not paying attention to what we were doing and had to cut around back to the West side-very thick at that contour line again at about .2 miles below the summit.

      On the wat down we hit a SW brook which was littered with alot of dead fall, took some extra time. When we hit the swamp I got the bright idea to try and cross a grass area. Well I went up to my knees in water-kinda felt good though.

      Not far from the swamp we came to a well cut property line so we followed it and hoped it would cross the Ward Brook Truck trail. It did. But before we came to the truck trail we decided to try and cut off a few minutes be veering south off the property line. We came to a swamp and turned left, came to another swamp and turned left, came to athird swampy area and turned left again-we ended up back on the property line right where we hit it earlier. So, we followed it to the truck trail.

      On a normal temp. day and returning via the same route up, this trip should be no longer than 8-9 hours.
      "Woods are not like other spaces.Their trees surround you, loom over you, press in from all sides.Woods choke off views and leave you muddled and without bearings.They make you feel small a confused and vulnerable.Stand in a desert or prairie and you know you are in a big place.Stand in a woods and you only sense it.They are a vast, featureless nowhere.And they are alive."Bill Bryson"


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        Well now, that sounds kinda nice for a dreaded Sawtooth! Nice job guys especially in that heat!
        This post is for entertainment purposes only.


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          ....stuck inside of Indiana, with the Adirondack blues again....

          ( apologies to Bob Dylan)