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Woodhull & Stillwater Mtns

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  • Woodhull & Stillwater Mtns

    On Wed 6/22 we ascended Woodhull without bicycle or wheels of any kind. A long trip over really good trails. There were a few places where your attention is needed and several places that are very different in the older guide to the western adirondacks. I havn't seen the newer release of that guide. What is interesting is that the "hunters" trail from the Woodhull Lake extention trail does not exist in practicle terms. The prior guides discuss the upper junction with the standard hiking trail as signed with the hunters trail as the larger and more obvious. There is no sign and we could not locate the junction. As theses trails met near a stream which we located we thought this junction would be obvious, it is not. We spoke with some locals who were canoeing on Woodhull Lake the same day. They report you cannot find the junction for the hunters trail on the Woodhull Lake Landing Road. You can now drive all the way to the lean-to trail at five miles on this road. It is also possible to drive the road to the junction with the link trail that connects the Woodhull Lake Landing road to the woodhull Mt trail and the remsen falls trail. It appears there is room to park along the road. The short walk from there to the Woodhull Mt Trail would save five plus miles round trip on the hike. Of course we did not take advantage of this discovering the info as we walked. We walked the Landing Road to the link trail quickly learning it is legal to drive it. We met the canoists at the junction where they explained the conditions to us. So if any of you are considering climbing Woodhull You can save five plus miles legally.

    Stillwater Mt

    There were questions about whether this is open or not. It is not! We drove over there this morning to discover the trail signs are gone. We hiked the trail about halfway to discover the posted signs. There is no indication prior to these signs the trail is closed. Of course the removed trail head signs should be a clue, however, the guide stated stealing of the signs is a common occurrance. As the land was posted we descended the 250 feet we climbed and did not trespass. This should answer the question about the trail being closed.