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    Originally posted by pete_hickey
    Originally posted by neil
    Those slides on the Nippletop side of Dix seem quite steep ..... Has anyone climbed them or know of anyone climbing them?
    Years ago, I attempted a climb, got on the wrong slide, and ended up climbing through the cliffs of Hunters Pass. It was not fun. I think that was the time I was more scared than ever before. Even more scared than the time I fell of the cliff, broke my head and got a concussion.

    Originally posted by lumberzac
    Does anyone know when those slides occurred and what caused them? I have a picture from the summit of Dix looking towards Nippletop from August of 2000 (after Floyd) and the slides are not there.

    I've been climbing Dix, up Hunters Pass, down the Beckhorn, every June for the past 8 or so years. Those slides were there. One of them did widen in '93 or thereabouts. The same storm that lengthened the slide on the Rt 73 side. Although Floyd ('99) really messed up Dix it didn't create any slides there (did create them in other places, though)
    I realize I read Neilís post wrong. The slides I was referring to are on Nippletop above Hunterís Pass not on Dix.


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      Originally posted by neil
      Originally posted by peak_bgr
      That looks like the one.
      So after crossing that narrow band of bush at the top you're pretty well on top of Dix? Someone I know must have taken the left slide. What they described to me was truly a trip to hell on a hot day and they ran out of water early on!
      I climbed on one of those slides. This is where memory is failing me, because we debated for a long time which way to go. We were going to go up the middle one or the one on the right. I believe we wound up climbing the y-shaped slide on the right, because we felt we could bail over to the trail if we got in trouble, and took the left branch. It was a very short bushwhack to the summit.