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Saddleback + Jay - June 18

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  • Saddleback + Jay - June 18

    took a little longer than usual. very wet. started the bushwack up Saddleback 3/4 mile down the road from the usual starting point.
    The woods were fairly open, not as open as they are further south.
    rocky sections toward top were wet and slick. the valley between saddleback and jay was open with many valleys and bumps to go around. easy to get pushed the wrong way, especially when you can't see too much. thick cloud cover all day. Top of Jay easy to find with huge cairn. very nice ridge walk back down, and easy path to follow down to road.
    both mts. have great views, not on this day, so pick a nice sunny day so you enjoy the views.

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    Brian did a good job summing up this hike. I'll just add a couple thoughts.

    This was another hike that featured 7 fourm members. Participants included myself, Everest NBD, Bushwhacker, Peakbagr, Dick, Rik & Lumberzac. Charlene (Rik's wife) & Eric (peak_bagr's son) rounded out the group.

    As Bushwhacker stated we were forced (road closings) to start farther west than we intended. It worked out well, as we received (very belated :roll permission from the landowner to cross his private land. Please remember, until you reach the height of land on Jay Mountain Road, you're on Private Property.

    Things were pretty uneventful from there. Nice open (mostly) whack all the way to the summit of Saddleback. In between, we were able to make our way, but there were a few spots the we got a little turned about. I took alot of grief from the group for my navigation, however, once I ploted it out graphically, we ended up going pretty directly between the two summits. Navigation, due to the low clouds, was done per IFR (Instrument Flight Rules, in airplane vernacular) as opposed to Visual Flight Rules (or dead reckoning). The GPS's were key and kept us "going true" the whole way.

    We had some good cliff's to work around, but we easily managed them all. Great long, open ridge walk along Jay's summit. All around, a great day.

    This was my first Hike with both Dick and Zach and they both kept my perfect streak of "meeting and hiking with REALLY GREAT folks I've met through these's BB" alive. Two new friends that I look forward to hiking with again. As always, it was an immense pleasure hiking with Rik, Alan Charlene, Brain & Eric again. Thanks again.
    "The forest is the poor man's overcoat. " Old Northeastern Proverb


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      Great hiking and great company. The weather could have been better, but they all canít be blue bird days. Iíll definitely have to do these two peaks again when the skies are clear and the views are open. I hope to get the chance to hike with everyone again in the future.


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        Great hike. Nice to meet Zac and Eric and nice to hike with Dick for the first time.
        Mavs, the navigation was great. Please ignore the "peanut gallery". If it was clear and dry the comments would have been more like 'what a great route' rather than 'i'm wet, bleeding, and kinda cold'. Besides, the view of the inside of that cloud was amazing.
        This post is for entertainment purposes only.


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          Originally posted by Peakbagr
          The company, route, woods and peaks were all good, in spite of the viz.
          I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
          Great to finally get out with Zach and Dick and hope to repeat that again as well.
          It was a terrific group of people.

          And yes, we gave Tim some heat, but as folks can see from the jpeg, his route was pretty good.

          See you all soon

          A great hike! Thanks to all for making it so enjoyable. I enjoyed meeting all of you. Hang the summit views - those woods were beautiful!
          I'm up for more!

          "Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you and the storms their energy, while care will drop off like autumn leaves." John Muir


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            Did we get a couple more with the 100 highest bug??
            "Woods are not like other spaces.Their trees surround you, loom over you, press in from all sides.Woods choke off views and leave you muddled and without bearings.They make you feel small a confused and vulnerable.Stand in a desert or prairie and you know you are in a big place.Stand in a woods and you only sense it.They are a vast, featureless nowhere.And they are alive."Bill Bryson"


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              Sorry I missed this one...darned family commits get in the way.......sounds like great hike....
              Pat Connors