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    My wife Sylvie and I took a group of running shoe clad, neophtyte Grade 6 girls up their first ever mountain. On top I explained the signifigance of Cascade as a 46er peak which impressed some and left others totally indifferent. One girl asked me questions about the history of the region which was pretty cool. Another whined and complained the whole way up and then was proud as punch to have me photograph her with one foot on the summit disk.

    Trail conditions-wise I was expecting the worst but the trail had very little water on it. Just a couple of spots up high that were quite rock hoppable. Fairly muddy though. We had no views. As we drove up the hill from Keene we entered a cloud and when we got out of the car it was drizzling. In spite of the forecast (30% POP) it rained pretty hard on us from 12:30 when we left the summit untill 1:45 when we got back to the car. As we drove back to Keene the rain quickly quit and the skies improved a lot. We realized that Cascade had a cloud that hung over it the whole time we were there. Had we done a peak like Hopkins or Noonmark we would have had a much better hike with some views.

    On our way down in the pouring rain we saw 3 guys in jeans and cotton sweatshirts going up carrying one single item between the 3 of them: a small ghetto blaster. No packs or anything else!

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    Sylvie and I talked about that trip quite a bit on our Hurricane hike. She was still in the "which mountain should I take them up" phase. Cascade was a terrific choice, it's too bad the weather didn't cooperate to knock the girls' socks off! That's okay, if they GET IT, they get it, view or no!

    I'm SO glad I wasn't up there with a group of dorks carrying a boombox up there! How totally tacky! Maybe one of them tripped on a root and dropped it and broke it. We can hope.....
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