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Badge of Honor or just a show-off???

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  • Badge of Honor or just a show-off???

    The day of the 46er dinner we hiked Hurricane. It was a great little hike (it made me decide to get serious on the training program though). It was a pretty steady and gradual to moderate climb (one strecth was a rest spots) and the summit was GREAT and the views were fantastic. Th bare, open summit was just suberb.

    On a side note...of course I had my new 46er hat on ( I even kidded to the kids on the way up that I only wore it to show off at the summit) and I'll be damned but somebody came up to me and started asking me what the various peaks were...he said he had seen the hat and figured I'd know "since it looked like I had been around" about an ego trip...I felt like Daniel Boone or Jim Bridger or something. My sons saw the whole thing and were just howling in the background.....
    Pat Connors

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    True story,

    My family and I were in the LP Brewry (the upstairs part) and we siddled up to the bar to await a seat to be ready and I was wearing my 46er shirt. Well this young couple next to us remarked about it and inquired as to if I had "climbed them all". At that point, Ashley pushes me aaside and proceeds to tell the entire story in VERY detailed and efficient manner. They seemed inpressed.

    Anyhow, eventually after 15-20 minutes, we went and sat down and had dinner. Just we were finishing, we noticed the couple leaving and we waived politley. Next thing we know the waitress comes over with this 7 dollar s'mores dessert, saying it was from the couple that was just leaving.

    Unbeleivable. My kids felt famous and got a big kick out of it. I found it pretty odd. All I know is that dessert kicked butt and I consider it a small compansation for "miles" logged.

    100% true story. VERY ODD to me
    "The forest is the poor man's overcoat. " Old Northeastern Proverb


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      Dominic can differentiate (or so he thinks) unexperienced versus experienced hikers at a glance. Either on the trail or in the parking lot. Also, on the trail, the ones who ask you how far it is to the top are the inexperienced ones in his books.
      Hiking with my sister and her family last summer in Banff Dom. and I did look different from them. "Rather broken in" was what my sister described us as looking like.


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        I wear a 46er shirt for almost all my hikes and have always considered it a badge of honor. I love when other hikers ask me questions or start conversations about the mountains. I love talking about the mountains and offering any advice I can give. Actually, while at the Holiday Inn for the 46er dinner, my sons were swimming in the pool and someone came up to me and asked me what my 46er shirt meant. Well, I talked to the person for about 30 minutes about the 46ers and the mountains. I never considered showing off, I am just so proud to be a 46er!


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          I'm with you hiking machine.

          I enjoy it when people ask questions about the mountains - they seem to think that we've got all of the answers! The only thing I don't like is when others are within earshot, I hate to feel like I'm talking and boring the snot outta people who have no interest in what I'm saying.

          I don't consider it boastful in the least to wear 46'R insignia, not at all. It's not like we're a chosen few who have them, but rather we're a group of people who have decided that hiking is alot of fun and we can't get enough of it.

          I usually say something like "Yea, I've got all kinds of summits climbed, but don't ask me how often I mow my lawn" (and mama will nod to the affirmative!)
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