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Whiteface for Tom's 46th on 8/18

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  • Whiteface for Tom's 46th on 8/18

    Sorry for being late with this...been busy...was in the Whites, yesterday to do Ike, Monroe, and Washington...with the drive, etc...22 hours straight...
    Sunday, Tom Spencer finished up his 46, with me on Whiteface...after Esther, of course...took him 5 years and I joined him on at least half of those...
    It was a pleasure to hike with him...good pace and lot's of fun...I won't describe the hike too much, as you mostly have all been there in summer....
    We went in from the Res. and had a great hike...trails are issues...many "critters" on the summit...champagne- the 'Barefoot bubbly' was great...I bought and presented him with a patch and hat and many pics were taken....of course, I wish that he would join this forum and do his own posts...he 'does' read them....sigh....
    Congratulations Tom ... we were ...ahem..."I" was hoping that he would finish his 46 and Saranac 6er on the same day, but that was not to
    Rockbiter 46er #6907W striving to become 'one' with the rock....

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    Congrats to your buddy!! It was a pleasure meeting you at the rest stop No ultra 6 finish then? By all aco****s, you have been busy though. what a couple of days!
    46/46 as of August 1st, 2014!


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      David, sorry I could not join you and Tom for his finish. I always enjoy drinking champagne on a 46-r summit. Tom if you read this, big time congratulations.
      46-R (W) - By Da Holy Feesh