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Gray & Skylight (8/19/13)

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  • Gray & Skylight (8/19/13)

    It was 6:15 as I signed in to the log book at the Loj trailhead. The weatherman promised a beautiful sunny day for my hike!
    7:00 @ Marcy Dam.
    7:25 as I breezed by the trail to Avalanche Pass.
    8:05 at the cross over trail to Indian Falls.
    8:25 Lake Arnold / Colden Mountain Trail.
    9:10 The Dreaded Bog / Floating boardwalk / Floating Logs crossing, but what's this?? Its fixed!!! Someone knocked out the beaver dam and the water is down. Good news!
    9:20 The Lake Tear of the Clouds trail. Steady climb about the same as The Lake Arnold Trail.
    10:15 Lake Tear / Gray Trail.
    The trail up to the summit had a few mud holes but nothing serious. A few rock scrambles and a few small cliffs to navagate but nothing that will hold you up.
    10:45 Gray Summit. (8.1 Miles from HPIC)
    11:00 started my descent.
    11:20 Back at Lake Tear.
    11:30 At the Four Corners.
    12:00 Skylight Summit! (9.25 Miles w/Gray)
    OMG What a view!!
    The SkyLight trail is awesome!
    12:30 Started back down.
    12:45 Back at the Four corners.
    4:00 Marcy Dam
    4:55 HPIC
    Total Milage 17.9 Total Hours 10:40
    #43 & #44

    The Pix
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    Originally posted by StevanT View Post
    OMG What a view!!

    The Pix
    I know, I know! That's exactly what I thought! Can't wait to go back and do it on its own so I can spend more time up there.

    Congrats on getting #43 and #44.
    Mama Mac
    ADK46 #7948W


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      This was the bog 4 days ago, what a difference! Nice TR, what a difference a weekend makes. Wonder who the dam buster was?
      46/46 S
      2/46 W
      10/46 solo