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    I must confess, recently while hiking in our beloved Adirondacks, WE LEFT A TRACE. It is our hope that you, our friends, will forgive us. Let me explain. The infraction occurred recently while bushwhacking with some friends from this forum.

    Here’s the quick version, during this bushwhack up a wonderful (and obscure) Adirondack mountain, we came upon pristine 60 y/o plane wreckage among the trees. It seems that in late 1944, a large Air Force cargo plane went missing during a training flight. A year later the site was discovered and the remains of the three crewmembers were recovered. The rest of the plane has lain in relative obscurity since then.

    Here’s what we were thinking. Okay………. Perhaps they didn’t die on the beaches of Normandy, the sands of Iwo Jima, or the coral rocks of Pelileu, but they really did give their lives in defense of this great nation during a most difficult period time (WW2) just the same. The locations may differ, but the sacrifice and gifts given are always the same.

    When we came upon this site, we just happened to have 3 small (Memorial Day parade-style) American Flags. We placed them in the ground amongst the wreckage and I (silently) gave thanks to their courage and memory. The flags remain on that lonely hillside. It seemed more appropriate that we did this on what was Armed Services Day

    It is our sincere hope that sometime during this Memorial Day season, that you will take a moment away from hiking, peakbagging, paddling, climbing and so on, and give a moment of thanks to those that have given everything for your right to recreate. I hope you’ll see fit to forgive our transgression and flagrant violation of wilderness ethics.

    In loving memory of 2nd Lt. William R. Barohn, 2nd Lt. Charles G. Pate and T/Sgt. Edward V. Paska (the 3 service members killed in the crash).

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    I think that was very thoughtful of you and a good gesture.


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      This was a great hike for the most part due to Mavs and the research he did beforehand. Finding the crash site was by far the highlight of the day and was food for thought the whole hike and the rest of the weekend. Also kudos to Mavs family. Your kids are a pleasure to hike with.
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        Ditto what Rik wrote. It was sobering to see the plane and imagine and see what befell those unfortunate airmen. I too appreciate the homework you did ahead of time. Summiting the mountain was satisfying, but visiting the site was extraordinary. It was enjoyable to meet the other half of your nice family.

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          In case anyone noticed, some self-centered individuals over at VFTT found fault with Tim and Company for leaving those flags there! There's always one, or in this case, two! I personally just got in from replacing flags at veteran's graves with the Boy Scouts. These flags stayed there through the winter, tattered and faded, but no one complains. As a matter of fact, most people would be upset if someone removed them in spite of their condition.

          Call me 'old fashioned', but I consider the giving of one's life in the service of their country to be THE highest form of patriotism! Always have and always will! It doesn't matter whether it is during conflict or peacetime, over seas or at home, these people need to be remembered and honored. Whether it occurred 61 years ago, 229 years ago, or just yesterday, does not matter. Tim paid a solemn tribute to men who died in a desolate, lonely place, with no one there to be with them in their final minutes. I hope these 3 brave men are smiling down upon Tim and Company, knowing that their sacrifice was not in vain, or forgotten. I also hope these men are ignoring some of the people over on VFTT.


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            Tom, I PM'd Tim with parallel sentiments, but you expressed it far more eloquently than I. Thanks.

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              With great sadness, the thread in question is gone

              Thanks for the kind words, and from now on, I'll share my reports and travels with just my friends here. You guys "get it". I just hope that if any message reaches the family (who are still alive), I hope they know the that while we were there, we treaded lightly and it was obvious that others that had been there before us had done the same. There were several flags (most in fine condition) in place, so others obvioulsy had thoughts the same as us. Additionally, there was a plague affixed to the wing (placed in 1997 at the request of family) that read.

              Ezekiel 34 - So they were scattered, without a shepherd. They have become a prey to every animal that comes along. My sheep wandered through the mountains and hills and over the face of the earth, and there was not one to search for them or care about them....For the Lord God says: I will search and find my sheep. I will be like a shepherd looking for his flock. I will find my sheep and rescue them from all the places they were scattered in that dark and cloudy day.
              Please know that those of us that have been there, have not forgotten.
              "The forest is the poor man's overcoat. " Old Northeastern Proverb


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                Tim I thought that was a very nice gesture of you, esepically around Memorial Day. Those men deserved the same kind of attention as the rest of our fallen vets. The obscurity of the place makes this a challenge but your ability to find it and also make a gesture of rememberance and appreciation should be commended.


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                  Tim, I just read the entire (closed) thread, as was restored on VFTT. I applaud you for your thoughtful gesture; I think that the placing of those small flags was entirely appropriate on a site where servicemen died. I also didn't think that the negative comments there were bad, just a respectful expression of their opinion. Overall, it is a very respectful set of comments by all (in my opinion!).
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                    Nice Tim.
                    Very, very nice..........
                    Walk Softly