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Mt Adams for Presidents' Day

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  • Mt Adams for Presidents' Day

    With no Mt Washington or Lincoln in the Adirondacks, my Presidents' Day choices were TR and Adams*. I've been meaning to do a winter climb of Adams for a few years, and the forecast looked good for views, so Adams it was.

    When I signed in, the last person who had signed in for Adams was before Nemo, so I thought I might be in for some trail-breaking. The Hudson was frozen solid at the crossing, although it was open and running 15 or 20 feet downstream, so the crossing wasn't a comfortable one. Lake Jimmy was more solid and snow covered, and a less stressful crossing. Soon I was at the trail junction, where there were no defined tracks towards Adams.

    On the lower part of the trail, I enjoyed the leaf-less open woods, which gave me the opportunity to see the contours of the land. This section grows in think with lots of leafy plants in the summer, taking on a jungle like atmosphere, so it was a nice contrast. Despite the lack of visitors, there were only a few inches of new snow on the trail, so there wasn't really any trail-breaking to be done.

    Higher up, the trail covers a lot of bare rock, so the snow made the climb a little easier. Before too long I was at the top and headed up the tower. The wind was brutal, so I briefly checked out the views and then got back below tree-line.


    * I haven't been able to find any information on who (or what) Mt Adams is named after. Does anyone know the naming history?
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    Didn't look like anyone had been there in a long time when we passed by on Saturday. And it didn't look very inviting either. Glad you had fun. Great photos. Guess I need to go up there sometime.


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      Wow Those are fantastic photos - so crisp. Thanks for sharing.

      I too need to get back to Adams it has been too long - something like 9 years.


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        I agree, great pics. Adams is one of my favorite peaks. I think I've been up there 5 times in the last 2 years. Steep, but nice + that great firetower


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          Originally posted by BillB View Post
          Guess I need to go up there sometime.
          The view is well worth the hike. Plus it's in the 100 highest.
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