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Lwj 2/20/13

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  • Lwj 2/20/13

    Another 'after work' hike....legs were crying for some work themselves...I picked this one today to avoid most of the winds that were forcast....the Wedge Brook trail is fairly well blocked from the west, south, and north...there was a bit of drifting just above the state lands sign...and the snow depth varied from a few inches near the W.Br. bridge, to around a foot in spots and loose as I headed up the steep section to the ridge...above that, from the LWJ junction to the summit is better packed and formed with no real exposed ice...
    A late start...1:30 PM at the gate and back to the gate at 6:30-exact ....head lamp from the Wedge br. bridge to the car...
    followed a bare booter to about half way to the ridge before he donned his Sshoes and then all the way back down...I had mine on at the Canyon bridge and tried to better form the trail, as we were the only 2 up there today, but it's not well formed and will probably drift in some more tonight, so I would expect light, loose snow in that middle section....spikes will easily work from the gate....the road is WELL packed and very skiable, as far as I went...
    W round 2....hmmmm, we'll see...