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  • street nye ester sawteeth gothics arm uwj

    all styrofoam snow
    street, nye on sat- tons of people out- lots of post holers out...
    sunday- ester- no one out- perfect trail- all snowshoe
    monday- more styrofoam snow- perfect for snowhoes- did sawteeth, gothics, armstrong, upper wj.saw 2 people on pyramid- 1 on armstrong- perfect snowshoes all the way- but some drifting snow from heavy winds.out to st huberts via lake road- bare boots, dates 16,17,18 feb
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    Wow Great Job . Lots of peaks
    Not all those who wander are lost....JRR Tolkien


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      Styrofoam is the right description for snow conditions, great for going up but a little too grippy for going down with MSR Evos. But either way the trails were pretty much sidewalks by the end of the weekend. Good to hear you got to enjoy the weekend and 7 high peaks.


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        How was the crossing of Indian Pass Brook?
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