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2/18/13- Santanoni Range

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  • 2/18/13- Santanoni Range

    Snowshoes all day, excellent trail conditions! Approx. 2 ft. base down low and 4 ft. or more up high. I did see some people in micros and skis on the road leading in. The marked trail leading to panther brook herd path was well consolidated.

    Nothing difficult getting to panther from herald square, I was amazed by how good the views were from Panther. Last winter I had poor visibility and couldn't see anything. We met Alpine Lamb's group as they were descending off Panther, they were doing a good job dusting off the trail for us! We took our turn on the way to cooch, Rick was doing his part by blocking off some of the false/incorrect herd paths. We all crossed paths once again on the summit of cooch and we were headed back to Time square.

    Once all our group was back to Time Square we visited with Corey D. and proceeded to Santanoni. The wind began to pick up as we ascended so we paused for clothing adjustments just before the summit. Again we enjoyed some exceptional views of Marcy, Algonquin etc. took some pics. And headed to the express trail for the descent. The trail was well broke in the beginning, but as others have stated it was pretty easy to lose the trail. The wind had blown in whatever trail was there, so Don broke out the GPS and we bushwhacked back to the trail. We would be on the trail/ off the trail quite a few times and we enjoyed some butt slides in fresh powder and I did a few face plants while glissading.

    Special thanks to Rick,Don,Paul and Joe cheers to a great hike with great company!

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    What great day to be out hiking! WannbeAljr and GracePoints and I had a
    fantastic day getting to all three summits at a pretty quick pace.
    Fun to run into you guys!

    We also took the express because we knew you all would have, THANKS and then your tracks were completely gone once we hit the windy bump, we searched and using team work would pick up the trail and then lose it again, but by heading in the relatively right direction could pick it up again. We were glad to come to the cliff and find the regular trail...well mostly the regular trail, that detour down the brook and through the swamp was awesome! (thanks Don or Inge?)
    Cory and Mink then popped out on the blue trail from another route!

    Again so fun to be out on such a great, but COLD day and see so many forum members!
    Think box required !


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      Thanks for organizing this one Pat it was a near perfect day in the woods and peaks made even better by the great company on the trail.

      It was a pleasure meeting the Lambs and GracePoints on the trail, as well as Don Berens, Cory D, and a few others.

      If we don't have a big snow before the Gathering next weekend the trail conditiions are looking pretty good for a two-peat for the forum!


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        Uggh, I am sorry that I missed all of this. I had a last minute realization of the amount of work I needed to do this week (I'm working on my Ph.D) and decided to stay home. I will be at the Gathering this weekend with my son.

        Glad you had a good day. I kept looking out my window and sighing uncontrollably.
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          Originally posted by AlpineLamb View Post
          [Down the express]...and then your tracks were completely gone once we hit the windy bump
          Mary, nice to see you all and certainly glad to hear you all made ot over the windy bump to regain the express trail.

          You know the GPS thing is overrated. First we're left then we're right. All happening too fast to keep up. And me trying the work the buttons with mittens on my hands - good luck. But it is true we were veering off into the wrong bowl.

          Along the way we arrived at a big slide which was fun. Then we hit a cliff and rbalbs had no choice but to take us uphill a bit where he crossed the path of an old butt sliding track that was heading over a REALLY BIG SLIDE. Voila, we'd found the Hillary Step and all of us were able to take a slide down on powder snow with a soft landing at the bottom.

          Shortly after Hillary Step we found a well packed broken path that seemed (by landmarks recognized) to track the Express Trail very closely. Though we did get a brief, very special, but way too short stepout and tromp down the brook and later on near the conclusion a crossing over the beaver pond near Bradley Pond trail that are not part of the normal trip.

          Originally posted by hemi2500trx View Post
          Special thanks to Rick,Don,Paul and Joe cheers to a great hike with great company!
          Pat, special thanks to you too for getting us together.